Why do Women Root Against Their Man? (Bill Burr)

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In this video we are breaking down an episode from Bill Burr’s podcast where he talks about women and issues that come up with his wife.

This one we are going to break down how she loves to root against her man, and Bill Burr gives a little comedic breakdown about why.

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22 thoughts on “Why do Women Root Against Their Man? (Bill Burr)

  1. I imagine a reason why more men are putting women to the side is because it takes too much emotional energy, better to improve yourself

  2. Bill Burr nailed it. Women tend to root against their men because they don't want to have to change when you start to grow and become more. They want you to stay at the same level so they won't have to grow, yet they'll resent you for being complacent and eventually leave you for a man who's going places. It's a lose-lose situation.

  3. Whatever you do for her, it's never going to be enough. Fuck that, men should just stop caring and emotionally and mentally walk away.

  4. It's so wholesome to see married men have a red pill moment, it's like watching little boys sneak a cookie from the jar when they think no one is looking. LOL! #LFLR

  5. if you tell a w you are going to do something they treat like a beta for telling a w about it, w's are always in that mode of being ready to s*** on anyone.
    goals are not meant to be shared with w's

  6. 5:20 "i didn't have a comeback"
    the reason for this is because women are always willing go to a new low when it comes to insults, when she notices where the bar is she knows how far to take her insults in order to suprise the man because this often makes the man question himself, that is the purpose of this gaslighting technique.

  7. This is one of the main reasons I will never marry or cohabitate again. You marry a female, and she still has to sht test daily, it never stops. The neighbors get a new car, she uses that to berate you. She knows a guy at work who got promoted, her squirrel brain goes into overdrive, wondering if she made the right choice to marry you. Every single interaction she has in life will be used as a measuring stick to question her simp husband. Making 6 figures isn't enough. You can never maintain frame while married and the sht tests will never stop. Then the divorce rap3 comes.

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