Watch Dogs – Native Trainer Demo (helicopter, spidertank, spawn vehicles, model changer, guns, etc)

Thú Nuôi

Installation Video –

— Controls —
Navigating the menu:
– Open submenu/Close submenu – NUMPAD4/NUMPAD6
– Press button – NUMPAD5
Flying the helicopter:
– Fly up/Fly down – Space/LSHIFT
– Attack with legs – Q
– Switch type of gun – mouse wheel up/down

— Installation Guide —
1. Navigate to the game directory (uplay ➜ Properties ➜ Local files ➜ Game install location ➜ Open folder)
2. Enter the folder named bin (the one which contains Watch_Dogs.exe)
3. Download and extract the desired package from one of the links below into the bin folder.
4. Double-click the mod-downloader.cmd script.

The downloader should add Windows Defender exceptions automatically, to prevent it from putting the mod in quarantine. I can’t afford a $700 a year EV certificate to make this go away.

If you use an other antivirus, you should whitelist the following paths (or disable it temporarily):
– [game directory]bin (where you put the installer)
– %LOCALAPPDATA%WDToolkit (create if it doesn’t exist)

If you encounter any other issues, please note that Windows 7 is unsupported. It might work, it might not.

Trainer with chat –
Trainer without chat –

Have fun


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