Watch A Young Kobe Bryant Do The Running Man At A School Talent Show

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Kobe Bryant explains how his children’s book “Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof” is about way more than sports. Plus, he shares how he ended up at prom with Brandy and a video of him dancing at a talent show way back in the day.

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45 thoughts on “Watch A Young Kobe Bryant Do The Running Man At A School Talent Show

  1. I wasn't a fan (not a fan of sports at all, really), but my heart goes out to his wife, grieving the loss of her DAUGHTER, too young to pass, and was indeed, gone too soon. I'm sad for the loss she's experiencing because of her husband as well. I hope she has peace and healing in her heart.

  2. Kobe was working on a lot of things that we will never see! I feel one of his youngest daughters, either bianka or Capri take on basketball… I will be a fan already..

  3. Kobe: oh yeah this is my little torris..untill now…uh oh😭😭😭😭😭jesus are they fine up there…💜💛

  4. Never saw this before! I miss Kobe!!! My favorite player of all time. As a fellow Girl Dad, I have mad respect. Continued prayers for Vanessa and the girls. RIP Kobe and GiGi!

  5. Every time I see Kobe videos now I just get upset because he seemed so happy and the fact that he died in such a violent crash and only 41 yrs old

  6. I´m not a basketball fan, must I say. There is thoug something about Kobe that catch me, and I mean like all the attention. When he speaks, his voice it´s so gentle. As a father talking about homelife with his girls, the jokes he makes. The pride he takes watching his daugther playing basketball, knowing she has this talent to play…. I can´t even explain but; I feel empty, sad, I can´t say it with words. Since he passed away, I´ve been loocking every video and interview he made. It´s like I missed this GREAT PERSON and I can´t help but feeling bad. Gosh! it is so unfair that they´re gone…😭😭😭 R.I.P. #KobeBryant R.I.P. #GiGi

  7. All this social media is fake u don't know what to believe. These days I started to wonder is Whitney Houston really dead

  8. Nice to see Kobe live. He’s so handsome. God bless him and Gianna. Still fresh in our hearts 💕

  9. Kobe was one of those players that you hated to play against him as you rooted for your team but couldn't take your eyes off of his greatness as a player.

  10. She knew how to bring out His Mamba mentality, she was overtaking him because she knew he wouldn't have it, smart girl.

  11. Awwwwwww!!What a terrible loss! CANT seem to wrap my head around this . WHY GOD??? COME ON!!! THAT WAS WAY TO WRONG !!!

  12. Kobe RIP, There's alot of things I didn't know about him. I knew he loved his girls his family. Still devastated about his death and his Gigi😭😭😭. All of the victims RIP. I will never get over the deaths.

  13. Always loved Kelly Clarkson- her personality is so warm and humble, people just naturally feel at ease. Ellen has the same energy.

    And I have always been in love with Kobe, and I've been torturing myself watching all things featuring him. May he and his little Taurus rest in paradise.

  14. Two (2) Great People Kelly Clarkson & Kobe Byrant 🌟 🏀 🌟 🏀.. What A Great Video 📹 📹.. You Have Kelly Clarkson.. ❤ ❤.. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant & Gogi Bryant & All The 7 Victims.

  15. Every man on earth ought to strive to "BE A KOBE" instead of just being a baby daddy! He was the best father filled to overflowing with love for his daughters! So yes "BE A KOBE" guys and you'll be a real man!!!

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