Ultimate Beginners Guide To LaunchBox / BigBox


In this video, I show you how to easily install and setup LaunchBox.
We go over Installing and getting your first emulator up and running.

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25 thoughts on “Ultimate Beginners Guide To LaunchBox / BigBox

  1. I download it but it only run one time. When I close it and Iclick on the .exe file for second time it doesn't run.

    Do you have any idea why it happens? I've done a lot, even re-install the programme, but I have the same problem.

  2. HELP. So i installed this and it was working just fine. then i open the next day, there is an update, i update. Now the controller (xbox) buttons are not what they were. So like when i press start before it was start now it says press again to exit. And where A was once jump now it pauses the game, sometimes jumps. These installs take wayyyyy to long for a do over. To get the snes roms in was like overnight and then half the next day. Any suggestions on restoring controls to default?

  3. Just recently imported a ton of stuff. I just had a question about big box is there a way to view genres from the actual system or do you have to press esc and go back into the menu to access them

  4. Hi, can someone send me the launchboxfile via onedrive or dropbox. Because i try to download the file, but my download keeps saying: Failed.

  5. I second all the other comments about the ROMs. Where do I get the ROMs now? Seems like the link you referenced is no longer up and running.

  6. How do you clone what you done in one computer to another computer? I want to start building the games on my main computer and then clone to a cabinet I'm building which is using a different computer when it is ready.

  7. Hmm… So, what does Launch Box have against you using the emulator YOU want rather then the default one it suggests? Nintendo DS, NES, PS3, Saturn and Switch. Tried adding Wii U but it ended up adding the individual game files. A few disc-based games also had individual 'tracks' added as games as well.

  8. HELP. I finally got it to work (wasnt even extracting files correctly) but now when i play it doesnt recognize the buttons on my xbox controller. Recognizes directional pad but no other buttons do anything (besides select and start) so i can walk around and nothing else. Someone please help! In retroarch setting up options is quite confusing though ive tried) and in Launchbox tools>options>mappings i also dont know what the hell im doing. I see our host has an option which I do not in the menu which is the Input/gamepads/joystick (buttons/automation), i dont have that option on mine (is that a paid option)? :/ so bummed, i want to dig into these SNES games and try other systems.

  9. Hello. I'm having trouble playing my games and I need your help. Everytime I try to play a game I get an error message saying, The file you specified for the emulator application path was not found. Is it my emulator or the game? Please help!

  10. Sorry but it seems that games don't launch cause i have a 4k TV. It appears the first game screen but then it won't start

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