TRAINING With The Marvel Avengers Infinity War Superhero Fun With Ckn Toys


Thanks to the team at ACTION REACTION ENTERTAINMENT for making this video possible! Today we visited the Superhero Training Centre to have some Avengers-themed fun!

Action Reaction Entertainment’s INFINITY Show will be at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming in Melbourne (21-22 April) and Gold Coast (28-29 April)! Get your tickets to the event at

Captain America and Doctor Strange outfits from Killerbody (
Spider-Man outfit from The RPC Studio (

Andrew Lutomski – Insta @thorofoz
Dane Paltmann – Insta @dane009
Jarred Welcome – Insta @jaaarred_
Jayden Rodrigues – Insta @jrod_hd
Samwise Holmes – Insta @actionreactionentertainment

Hi guys, today we are visiting the Marvel Avengers Infinity War training centre. We will be meeting up with Dr Strange Captain America Spider-Man Thor and Star Lord to have some superhero fun.
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