Top 10 Songs of Alan Walker – Bass boosted

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Top 10 Songs of Alan Walker Greatest Hits


Track list:

01. Fade
02. Spectre
03. Force
04. Hope
05 Flying Dreams
06. Burn
07. Big Universe
08. New Heart
09. Energy
10. 135

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 Songs of Alan Walker – Bass boosted

  1. sa, suka dengan lagunya Alan Walker apalagi yang bass boosted kayak begini wihh mantap sekali Alan Walker loved👍👍👍💓

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    Yeah I don’t know what you want me going on but I’m not jelly I’m going home to do a little sleep 💤 by

  3. Alan Walker is the only one person.who thinks about people choose / like. Everyone like Alan walker…………………

  4. Actually, fade and spectre (these ones) are not from Alan walker. These r from Sony. So…. Technically they don't belong here.

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