They Never Expressed Their True Feelings Over the Last 9 Years [Running Man Ep 469]

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25 thoughts on “They Never Expressed Their True Feelings Over the Last 9 Years [Running Man Ep 469]

  1. i watched this iconic song again and i wanna cry😭 happy 10'th anniversary my fav show ever! idk what im supposed to do if there's no runningman😭 it's really such a honor to me, being a part of runningman fans❤❤

  2. Happy 10th anniversary to the best of the best!!!

    I may not be with you since day 1 (July 11, 2010) because I would be just a 10-year old girl back then. But I watched it from episode 1…like twice omg im sori!! Thank you for everything Running Man. I'm a young adult who's really going through tough times. Thank you for the laughter and the knowledge you imparted to us. I'll forever be grateful especially this is what I needed just before quarantine!!! To our 7012 (of course, with our beloved Gary 🥺🥺🥺) , I love you forever! Thank you for the greatest friendship you've shown us. Still hoping for a comeback huhu (im sorry if some are not pleased with this). To our old (with joongki and lizzy) and new 9012 (with somin and sechan), thanks for the old memories and new to come!! Thanking the old for building the running man!! Thanking the new for continuing the legacy!! I won't regret watching you guys, even though sometimes the episode is not always the best 🖤 because I know for sure I had memorized all funny and memorable ones. I won't regret it if you will stop the show since most of you are old and mature enough not to give your all in games.. But someday, if time comes, will you be able to give us our beloved 11012? ❤️

  3. thankyou runningman for these 10 years. i would never know what my days would been if this show never exist.

  4. Watching this again, I still cried. Running Man has been my 2nd Family. Laughing while watching every ep. Greatest Variety Show ever

  5. Somin make my heart calm with her soft voice! I feel so thankful to this family, i hope they always together🎀

  6. There is no
    Beautiful things to mention that how their voices are sooo cute 🥺🥺♥️♥️
    And they make all their fans reallyyyyy happy with their own jokes in running man episodes♥️♥️♥️❣️
    They are always in my heart♥️♥️
    Ever 7012 or9012

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