Super realistic Train Simulator DENSHA de GO!


Densha de Go! (電車でGO! (Go By Train) is a Japanese train simulation game series originally produced by Taito. The latest release was released by Square Enix and Railfan Holdings Co., Ltd.

With realistic graphics and detailed control system has made the series a hit in Japan.

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36 thoughts on “Super realistic Train Simulator DENSHA de GO!

  1. its too bad taito doesnt make these games anymore. I also liked tokyo bus guide and jet de go. I never played this version though, the 3d graphics really improved. Cause taito paired up with another company that made train games, Railfan, except it was like a low quality digital video instead of 3d graphics

  2. this is a arcade game sadly they cant bring it on anything but the arcade 🙁
    but hey atleast yesterday i got all stars perfect

  3. In real life Japan, at her first flop, she probably would have killed herself 'cause she was a disgrace to her family.

  4. Hey, i love Densha de Go. Unfortunately, the distance to the nearest arcade version is probably in thousands of kilometers. I'm had to use my PSP version of Densha de Go. Tokaidousen Hen, Yamanote line, Osaka loop and Chuo line. I'm kinda getting slowly bored with only these four lines. All these four games are mostly in japanese. Is there like a fully translated english version of DDG? I know that there are other train sims and games, but i just absolutely love to watch the japanese scenery, DDG is great for that. I would love to get more lines/trains, but only systems i own are PSP, Nintendo DS Lite and PC. Any tips?

  5. 電車でGOシリーズは、専門家監修なのが一番の需要ですね。

  6. That was a great video, but I just wanted to mention for anyone wondering, but 883K was actually 883系, meaning 883 series, not the letter K. Very cool simulator though, it's amazing how far arcade games have come.

  7. Amazing simulator! Previous versions of the Densha de Go and Railfan series are great games but this one takes it to a different level.
    3:44 stopping the train at the right place is one of the most challeging things of the game! Thanks for sharing, one thumbs up!

  8. She looks very young. Do you guys believe that she is 35yo ? And she is mother of 2 kids.

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