Song Ji Hyo Becomes Speechless at the Support of the Fans [Running Man Ep 469]

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29 thoughts on “Song Ji Hyo Becomes Speechless at the Support of the Fans [Running Man Ep 469]

  1. Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA 👀
    Watch Full Episodes on the Web ▶
    Want to watch on your phone? Install our app ▶

  2. Jaesuk is amazing MC. He’s got perfect timing to joke about it when Jihyo is trying to calm herself so the crowd didn’t focus in her for a while, and give it to Seokjin who receive the joke perfectly (because it so true lol and we know seokjin always want more screen time lol) and then they come back to jihyo saying thanks. This is just great. And LKS for his care and good timing too for jihyo. And Jihyo aa, seeing you cried makes me sad, I hope you know that lots of people loves you and really enjoy watching you as RM member, the show won’t be complete without you. We are the one who should say thanks to you and all the members. They are just great, all RM members are great, talented, and love each other. I feel so blessed I know this show and enjoyed it through the years.

  3. Jadi semakin kuat song ji hyo.. kami fan mu sentiasa di sekeliling mu..jangan menangis noonaku.. kau terhebat..

  4. "She may have lost the battle, BUT she is our ETERNAL ACE" – Running man ep159

    I know I'm late but 2020 anyone? ❤️

  5. for the past 7 years the queen is heavy burden becuz she is ah only girl member she work hard like a man and now the got ah princess who took the burden to his shoulder and some fans of running man is mean becuz the queen is not active or lock of time on running man haixt queen jihyo is human sometimes she feel tired now that she has the princess so min queen jihyo isdeserve to rest for a while that's why so min is active in behalf of him

  6. I can feel her emotion, it was overwhelming for us also.All those years , they and we also grew old together.Those who get angry easily are really emotional person. and ji hyo ia Just like that

  7. I always love the moments of Song Jihyo.. From jumping in the highest tower in Asia.. From sleeping in a jenga tower from winning the most gold in the show from your smile and laughs.. You are my idol.. After watching your 500th episode I realize that you are slowly coming back.. Thank you for being my girl crush and inspiration!! To more years to come!! 012!

  8. I'm such a late running man fan. 10 years of this bliss and I now found it. 10 years of friendship I did not know. This makes me feel reminiscent. I just cant get over the fact that this show has been around for 10 years!!!! I feel a wave of emotions watching old running man episodes. Song Ji Hyo I am a fan❤

  9. I'm so happy for everyone that is still on the show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ running man keeps me positive at times when I'm going through my darkest moments ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Mleleh ayaq mata..
    Knpala artis yg aku minat,tak mcm hmpa..
    Dh brjaya,ego,takbur…

    I'm from Malaysia .

  11. I teared up too because Jihyo is such an important member to running man, and I wish she would get back her confidence and passion to participate more because I really only watch the episodes for her

  12. I actually cried wen watching them
    Especially song ji hyo just purple her she made tear up….and father ji still going at the age 53 I'm gonna really all of them if they leave the show 10yrs together thats really long ..longer than attending school they friendships the bond they have just love it kwangsoo oppa always taking care of my fav ji hyo just purple her..the rm members did really well

  13. I can't translate this to english, so i comment with bahasa.

    Ngeliat mereka yang berpelukan di akhir ngingetin aku waktu ujian senibudaya bulan februari lalu. Ujiannya menari 1 kelas di lapangan sekolah, disaksikan guru sama murid kelas lain. Kami kelas 12, sejak kelas 10 itu udah sama sama, udah 1 kelas. Jadi kehitung 3 tahun sama sama. Gerakan kita emang nggak sesulit mereka, cuma kita harus ganti kostum cepat cepat, total kita ada 3 kali ganti dalam 1 musik yang terus jalan. Latihan 3 minggu tuh buat keluar semua sifat terpendam kita. Ada yang marah, ada yang kesal, ada yang nangis, ada yang capek sampe "udahlah", ada banyak lah pokoknya. Cuma makasih banget teman teman aku 1 kelas bisa bertahan dan kita akhirnya nampil. Kita latihan bareng ama kelas lain, kadang kita hopeless banget takut nggak berhasil, karena liat latihan kelas lain. Tapi sukurlah, semua berjalan baik, walau ada beberapa kendala kecil.

    Disini Lia Kim itu sebagai wali kelas kami (sekaligus guru senibudaya juga). Tapi dia cuma jadi tim penilaian, bukan guru koreograpi. Habis nari tuh semua kita berpelukan, bahkan dikasih tepuk tangan meriah banget dari murid yang nonton.

    Aku baru nonton bagian fan meeting ini, mungkin, dan pasti, kalau aku lulus nanti, aku bakal kangen teman teman 1 kelas, aku bakal mampir ke sini, buat liat running man, dan ngebayangin mereka sebagai kami.

    Love you all.

  14. im glad that jihyo and jong kook still on the show till this day despite the news that they were to be remove years agoooooo

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