So Min won't have ties with Se Chan [Running Man Ep 487]

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28 thoughts on “So Min won't have ties with Se Chan [Running Man Ep 487]

  1. I always find it so cute when Jaesuk call somin Jeon sobali and sechan sechebi. ( Yes I don't really know how to write because they only say it and I can't read korean 🙁 )

  2. But remember the 2018 prediction, the fortune teller also said the same thing about sechan and somin. So i don’t think it’s fabricated just to pleased the loveline lol. Plus in 2018, he said somin’s future husband will be like a parent. She likes someone who looks after her like a parent. So i think sechan really suit her on that part cause from what i’ve seen sechan on some other variety shows, he is indeed warm hearted guy, also a caring person. I’ve noticed too how sweet and caring he is to somin too plus some of his action towards somin were so heart fluttering. There’s no way she is not feeling fluttered too (at least once) lol. One of the haert fluttering moment was when sechan fix somin’s hair when she ate jjajjangmyeon. Even as viewers, it looks so heart fluttering 😂. In 2018 prediction too, the fortune teller said somin likes to lecture ppl and somin said that’s why she is unlucky with guys cause guys don’t like to be lectured. Then i remember seeing sechan on my lil old boy with her bro yang sehyung and seeing how he is been “lectured”/how bossy his brother is to him but sechan is so nice and ain’t complaining. He would say OK all the time to his brother’s request lol. If i were him, i’d be complaining and got annoyed lmao.

  3. For someone it maybe true that fortune teller is true through what I found is she's maybe real fortune telling but I think based on the situation she tell them look pass years when spartace couple season she told jihyo n jk was perfect or fate or good together but now situation changed the story change to CHANMIN again no Spartace anymore I'm kookmin through but that's what I think…no hate

  4. I already miss watching jeon so min.. already excited to watch running man this week.. Hoping to see more of kookmin moments ♥♥♥

  5. can somebody tell me..what song they play at the end of the clip..i saw the full show,after somin get "guttu so gewsho..hanniggoya" (i dont know how to pronounce it, i'm not korean😂😂) played..i just wanna know the title. The song seem so beautiful…please if someone know the song, tell me..thanks

  6. So Min is so perfect and sweet! I don't understand how anyone could have cheated on her TBH! It is their loss. I can tell she was really excited about what the guy told her though, good for her and hopefully she meets that special someone who will learn to appreciate her 😀

  7. always watching somin eonni clips again and again but never bored. somin eonni my happy virus and running man too

  8. PDnim had a great job to hire them, their chemistry is already cute and adorable since variety Living Together

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