So Min "What were the lyrics of "Pick Me"?"[Running Man Ep 456]

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48 thoughts on “So Min "What were the lyrics of "Pick Me"?"[Running Man Ep 456]

  1. I am born in America but both my parents are fully Korean and watch Korean TV shows and dramas so I am also fluent in Korean. One reason my parents dislike Somin is that she just didn’t seem natural and awkward and tried too hard to act funny. But now she seems to fit well after some time.

  2. i can tell so min is so cute + sincere + happy go lucky in real life. She is what she is in runningman. I like her.. she + kwangsoo is the perfect combination to make RM last longer.

  3. Somin is a great addition in rm,shes cute and crazy at the same time.

    I love her confidence and her cheerfulness,and shes the only girl who i love when she's making aegyo

    Big hart somim💖💞💕

  4. Somin so cute💞💞💞💞 Whatever she wore she look comfortable and suit him.
    Shine forever you are the best girl.

  5. She’s so ugly especially when she makes her eyes look bigger to try to look pretty when in fact she looks like she’s on drugs. Seriously.

  6. I love all members so much. Now i dont think i can rewatch the old episodes when Somin and Sechan are not in it anymore. Watching running man without them feel weird now.

  7. Seriously at first i dont like her personality..but she try her best to become a comedian. Now she blend well with other members and of course i approved her👏

  8. I'm Mong Ji-hyo fans, but I don't hate So-min and Se-Chan and others shouldn't blame Ji-hyo isn't her fault that her fans bash So-min and isn't So-min fault that mong ji get less screen time because Ji-hyo is getting less active than before.

  9. I love Somin since something about 1%. I thought she was a serious person hahahahahaha but in RM she is so random ❤️❤️❤️

  10. How annoying like where is jihyo our ace somin is ugly talentless dugghhhhh stop picking on somin side she is nothing she is just a poop 💩 in my eyes like where is somin antis together we can oust somin the attention seeker

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