So Min Can Put Her Head Down.. ?! [Running Man Ep 444]

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38 thoughts on “So Min Can Put Her Head Down.. ?! [Running Man Ep 444]

  1. The reason why I still love RM members it's because they're very respectfull to girls member or girls guest, especially for Jihyo and Somin who within in this program, they're try to helped like a little thing but it can be really sweet and helpfull for them

  2. I like so min and i like ji hyo😊..and they are friends…..are you one of the haters?then you are crazy😜…they are FRIENDS,THEY DON'T HAVE PROBLEMS TO EACH OTHER,ONLY YOU AND YOUR CRAZY MIND,AND STUPIDITY IS THE PROBLEM…..GO TO HELL GUYS,WE ARE JUST ENJOYING HERE😜🤪WHILE YOU ARE STRESSING YOURSELVES😜.

  3. She really work hard. I know sometime there is hates but there is a limit. Don't forget they are human too. Tbh she's funny on running man 😂💜

  4. It is stuff like this that made jeon so min greater and funnier than song ji hyo. Who is boring af and wouldnt even sacrifice herself for laughter

  5. I noticed from the old episodes when Somin just joined RM whenever she falls JK just looks at her but now he is really being aware of Somin and helps her whenever he can 🥰🥰🥰

  6. I was there for Running Man since the 1st episode. I literally grew up with Running Man and have watched all the episodes. I was also there when Ji Hyo became a permanent member after guesting. I was also there when Joong Ki and Lizzy came, as well as when they left. I was there and heartbroken when Gary left. And I'm still here with So Min and Se Chan as the newest members of the family.

    Running Man went through ups and downs. Issues affected the ratings as much as the loss of the original members. But I have never once been a part of those who call themselves "true fans" and attack So Min and Se Chan. Yes, I was uncomfortable at first when they joined and when the PD changed but, they gave me happiness and laughter that the original ones gave.

    So Min's presence did gain more screen time than Ji Hyo but I cannot fathom why others hate her because of that. If you were truly Running Man's true fans, you would've known and noticed that because of So Min, Ji Hyo is slowly becoming more outgoing after her and Jongkook's issue with the production team. After that issue happened, she became timid. But after So Min came, she started to be more outgoing again.

    So Min and Se Chan may have been added to the family late but I believe that they have done enough to be accepted and loved as much as the original ones. I'm still missing Gary, Joong Ki, and even Lizzy which is why I watch previous episodes over and over again while waiting for the new one. But I love So Min and Se Chan too. All are equal. The original members treat them as family now so I hope those who still dislike them, ponder about this and love them too.

    More power, more years, and more episodes with Running Man! ❤️

  7. Seem fan dont know about so min n criticizes… Rm already change his life n time she have fun in rm… She already good to me n time she moved on

  8. All somin haters here probably aren't true RM fans lol. This clip was so funny yet heartwarming, you can see that members are really taking good care of each other

  9. Jihyo's face when Somin dunked her head on the water. She is always so worried whenever Somin tries to do what the others do and the guys would always take good care of her 💖🥰

  10. The only thing I see is them going in water with watches on their hands- I think Kwangsoo had an apple watch or something xD

  11. Look how HAHA, Kwang Soo, and JongKook helped SoMin when she fell. They’re so quick and Haha looks shocked as well. I love how they are thoughtful and caring towards their maknae. 🤗❤️

  12. I used to dislike the new members till to a point i dont watch running man as much anymore but once i stumbled upon this snippets of new running man eps and found myself laughing hysterically! And i notice running man still not lost its touch as the best funny variety shows and the new cast really brings a new flavour to the shows! And now i appreciate them more ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. The captions are too funny @02:48 he looks most comfortable as if he's an aquatic creature. & @03:02 he deeply cleanses his scalp too
    LOL 😂😂😂

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