SCP Containment Breach: Don't Blink – Episode 1


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Mallowsaur wakes up in a white prison cell, experiencing memory loss, he has no idea how he arrived there, the only thing he knows is that he is locked in. Quickly realising something isn’t right, Mallowsaur finds out he is in fact now Class-D personnel within an SCP facility.

On the way to his first ‘procedure’ whilst being escorted by a guard, something goes very… very wrong… and Mallowsaur is about to find himself alone in the SCP facility… the power has just gone down… and SCP 173 is out of its cage…

This is an original horror adventure/story video, splicing Minecraft with the SCP Containment Breach game, of which I am a huge fan! If people enjoy this episode, then episode 2 will be coming very soon 🙂

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