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This is the collection of theme songs of Running Man cast, a Korean variety show. Credits to AUSSIESONE, the owner of the video.

List of the songs:

Yoo Jae Seok:
1. New Kids On The Block – Step By Step
2. Moby – Extreme Ways
3. James Bond Movie Theme

Kim Jong Kook:
4. Beowulf Movie Soundtrack by Alan Silvestri – What We Need Is A Hero
5. 300 Movie – This Is Sparta Scene

Song Ji Hyo:
6. Sweet Sorrow – Show Your Love
7. Angry Birds Theme

Ji Seok Jin:
8. JYP – In The House That You Live In

Lee Kwang Soo:
9. Sting – Saint Agnes And The Burning Train
10. Sweet Sorrow – No Matter How I Think About It

11. Lutricia McNeal – Perfect love
12. Pororo Theme
13. HaHa – Rosa

14. Leessang – Leessang Blues
15. Leessang – A Girl Who Can’t Breakup A Boy Who Can’t Breakaway feat. Jung In
16. Leessang feat. Jang Gi Ha & The Faces – Our Meeting
17. You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me

Song Joong Ki:
18. M2M – Pretty Boy

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  1. I laughed really hard when I heard Kwang Soo and Seok Jin's theme song HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣 Goddammit

  2. 0:00 Yoo Jae Suk-step by step
    0:17 Yooruce Willis
    0:33 Yoomes bond
    0:50 Kim Jong Kook-beowulf
    1:07 Kim Jong Kook-this is sparta
    1:20 Miss Mong-sweet sorrow
    1:36 Miss Mong-angry birds theme
    1:53 Ji Suk Jin Jyp
    2:10 Kwangsoo unpair
    2:27 Kwangsoo-sweet sorrow
    2:44 HaHa-perfect love
    3:00 HaHa-pororo
    3:17 HaHa-Rosa
    3:34 Gary-LeeSsang Blues
    3:50 Gary-girl
    4:07 Gary-Leessang
    4:24 Gary-Leessang
    4:41 Song Joong ki-M2M

  3. How could you leave out Gary's Hard to Be Humble? the theme always came out when he achieved outstanding feats.

  4. I remember in one of the episode when Kwang Soo father as secret guest and his ring tone is the theme song for lee kwang soo it is somehow so heartwarming a proud father!! ✊✊

  5. Memories bring back, i miss Gary so much… Anyway he and his son is participating in The return of the superman. They are cute together…

  6. I started watching RM from episode one when i was in middle school now i'm at university and in love with them i dont know how my life would be without them

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