Rare Game Mechanics – MAGFest 2019


Some game mechanics are common. Drafting cards. Rolling dice. Choosing actions. Worker placement. They are used in many games for a variety of reasons. But what about the weird ones? Ever play a game with a Rondel? Experience the glory of a “Promise Cube?” Wait until we talk about what can only be described as “Bohnanza Hand!” Join the GeekNights crew for a deep exploration of the rarely used (sometimes for a reason) mechanics of tabletop games.

Presented by GeekNights at MAGFest 2019
Thursday January 3rd @ 8:00 PM – Tabletop Discussions (Riverview Ballroom)

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27 thoughts on “Rare Game Mechanics – MAGFest 2019

  1. A very good example for hidden movement and hidden actions is Scotland Yard, a really cool game that i play in which one player is the robber and all the other players are cops and they chase him on a massive map via public transport. Also, the robber must reveal his position every 5 moves, so it s a pretty balanced game

  2. idk why noone has though about having a game with two teams of people where the team makes sure noone cheats

  3. wow… I've played modern art tons of times and never got an issue with it. As a matter of fact it was one of the first games I bought because we enjoyed playing it… interesting…

  4. Hey I am from Germany! We have a big board game culture as you might know hahaha. I wanted to tell you, that I absolutely love how you guys talk. The content is very informative and gives new perspectives. And I have never seen a better presentation performance from two people switching explaining things. Just Wow. And that without any "uhm" and unnessessary filler words.

  5. 25:02 but… the alliances in Axis And Allies ARE forced in the games…? USA, United Kingdom, and the USSR HAVE to play together and they HAVE to win together? Just like Germany and Japan?

  6. I got very good at catan and then from all games that followed everybody conspired to defeat me, as default, after a few games of this it gets old fast, and stopped playing the game altogether.

  7. Wow, I'm already clicking the LIKE button even before the video is playing.
    Because I know it will be fun and you are great tandem :))

  8. I find it hilarious that you guys go over the complexity of auctions & how they are genuinely bad for gameplay when that very reason that the better player will win much more often is the exact reason why I invented a new auction mechanic for my game.

  9. Asynchronous multiplayer. www.planets.nu
    This is a game called Planets, based on VGA Planets from 1980s and 90s which was originally played via BBS systems (asynchronous multiplayer). It was recreated on a modern website, as faithfully as possible. Check it out.

  10. Good stacking game; junk art. It has a bunch of mini games, but most of the time they revolve around your own stack, independent from other players stacks.

  11. Wheedle and Pit are both real-time trading games. In both games, players need to trade; refusing to trade guarantees that you won't win. Of the two, I think Wheedle is the better game, and is less vulnerable to someone refusing to trade, and thereby preventing anyone else from winning.

  12. A game that uses STACKING as a core mechanic, where the most skilled player gets ahead of the others… is a gmLess rpg by Sebastian Hickey named Hell For Leather 🙂

  13. could someone please list all the games they used as examples in this video? I'm having a hard time deciphering them.

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