Pokemon Tower Defense #4 – Legendary Entei Battle – Flash Player Games | JeromeACE


Today we play Pokemon Tower Defense

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37 thoughts on “Pokemon Tower Defense #4 – Legendary Entei Battle – Flash Player Games | JeromeACE

  1. that entei boss it like Ssundee when he has a new combo like that mean look and that red ball of electricity jerome just got demolish ( and if i write anthing wrong pls dont judge me for it i spend like half an hour on this comment ) =) thanks love or not

  2. Jerome i think ur tackling this the wrong way the strategy is to put ur super effective pokemons attscking entei and the rest are suppose to defend the rocks so Croconaw geodude and flaffy for stun is the best strategy

  3. jerome on geo ude keep using rock polisk on geodude cause it will make him shoot faster
    and also use rage to increase croconaw's damage

  4. Is jerome an idiot find out in the next episode of dragon ball z

    Spoiler: you already know the answer he is an idiot

    JK love the vids jerome

  5. Jerome sense you can change you abilities you should do compound eyes on butterfree and sheer force on croconaw

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