Please Look Forward to Kwang Soo's Secrets From ESom [Running Man Ep 449]

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41 thoughts on “Please Look Forward to Kwang Soo's Secrets From ESom [Running Man Ep 449]

  1. I really wish to see kwngsoo as lead drama romance in serious way, cause if im not wrong he always act in comedy

  2. ini this episode…i can find just like usual lee kwang so before he gets beloved girl friend..after dating i think kwang Soo become more polite..
    the also happen to jeon so min..she become much more prettier after special birthday episode 😁

  3. If you're really fan of RM, you'd see LKS was really shy and quite towards girls attention. Didn't even know how to deal talk or look straight in the eye. He's pretty different compare to YKS, KJ, HAHA, SUK JIN.

  4. I don't know why but i hate when member's of rm bullies him too much. I just feel its not funny at all. But doesn't mean i hate all of them. Just hate when they act too much at kwang soo.

  5. I also read many articles from reporters that Kwangsoo was so different in real life. They said he was more quiets and serious on other program other than RM. And now I got the answers 😂 . Yes you can't be crazy all of time Kwangsoo ah 😂

  6. I feel sorry for other members as they were just fillers in this episode. In this episode, it was either Spy's victory or Yuim Bonds victory.

    The situation which other 7 would win the race was almost none… if Bond failed to vaccinate them in 10 minutes, Spy win, hence the Bonds and the 7 member lost… if Spy broke the egg onto Bond's head, Spy won. If Bond managed to shoot gun onto Spy's face, the Bonds win. Like those members who being in infirmary said, being vaccinated was equal to be "ousted" hence eliminated. There's no chance to get back to the race and find Host S's vault.

    If the episode was dedicated to So Min, whether she became Spy or Bond, which other members just doing mission without a chance to be the final winner, imagine how much backslashes she would got… in So Min's case, people demand Running Man to be equal or fair, but why not asking the same for this episode?
    This episode wasn't the first to have battle between 2 parties, but normally the remain members and guests would be given side, hence declared as final winner and help the side to win… not just being clueless what was happened and given almost none chance to be the final winner of the episode.

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