Philips CD-i – LaunchBox Tutorial


In today’s LaunchBox Tutorial, we discus the Phillips CD-i gaming console that… realistically, is a very bad console, but still has some interesting stuff about it. It has a few odd ball games, some horrible Zelda games, and a few quirky ports that make you scratch your head, even just a little bit.

MESS Command Line List:

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30 thoughts on “Philips CD-i – LaunchBox Tutorial

  1. Got this to launch and run games well. But no luck with reconfiguring the controls. It will only work with my keyboard and mouse cant get it to map to my arcade stick.

  2. So this didn’t work for me. When the game attempts to load using MESS, it says I’m missing CDi200. Which is confusing because I have it and placed into my. Bios folder for MESS. I also installed all cores available on retroarch but it’s telling me the MESS core is missing. Any help is appreciated.

  3. So I got this to work on MAME 0.212 with LaunchBox. The instructions here are mostly the same though I had to go through some workarounds.

    1. I was having trouble with using chdman.exe to convert my .bin/.cue CD-i games to .chd (it closes immediately after I tried executing it), but I managed to find this batch converter and it worked great for me. You will need an account with LaunchBox forums to access it:

    2. On the timecode 8:05, you see some checkboxes "Don't use quotes", "No space before ROM", and "use file name only without extension". I thought I had all these unchecked, but for some odd reason they were all checked when I finished configurations. So I had to uncheck all those options again.

    3. On timecode 11:47, I didn't change the rompath as I read somewhere that you didn't need to do this for MAME. So I left it alone.

    And that's it! Working Philips CD-i emulation!

  4. Please can we get an updated version of this one? When I try use MESS it does not work.
    Can you also maybe try to get it to work with Retroarch please? Thank you

  5. The PlayStation 2 ripped off the cdi because the ps2 has a dvd player and Sony wanted to take away from the huge hit that the cdi was, so they ripped it off.

  6. I primarily want to emulate CD-I games for the American Laser Games to use with my Aimtrak (the video quality for those games is massively better on CD-I than the DOS, 3DO and Sega CD versions). Does this work well on RPi versions of Mess? I have the Aimtrak working in lr-Mame2003, but haven't tried it in Mess.

  7. I've just tried Faces of Evil with this method, it works and starts, but I can only see the intro cutscene and whenever I interact with any other character, such as Morshu or Gwonam, it doesn't load any cutscene !!!

  8. Thanks mate, i actually love this zelda and link and own them on cdi but i dont want to plug the cdi hahaha tried other emulators but nothing worked

  9. Guys is there a command line to skip the cyan screen and phillips start cd screen instead of having to go through it everytime using a CDI game in Mame? Cheers in advance

  10. I'm having some trouble with this – Mame and Mess have merged since this was posted, so I've been trying to import CD-i games with Mame as the emulator, but no matter what I do, no games are listed in the final import list, and 0 games import if I continue. It's really frustrating that there's no "Back" button during the import process, as I've had to start all over four times now, and grrrrrrrrrrr. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. wait a minute arent you the guy i heard on you tube do some nec reviews?turbografx 16 and turbo duo sound familiar?

  12. I must have missed a step because I can't get them to launch if I point Launchbox at the files, but they'll run from within MESS itself.

  13. So Ty has asked several times when are you going to do a Daphne setup video? I was also wondering the same thing. Could you do a Daphne setup video?

  14. Not sure why but i tried this tutorial and added my .cue sheets games launch fine , they seem to take a little bit longer the chds to open

  15. Just as a point to make it easier for you and the other people out there. You don't actually need to use a dedicated MESS build. Most of us already have MAME on our PCs and since the two projects are now one in the same you can simply use MAME.exe or MAME64.exe as you see fit. As you have pointed out before, the BIOS images are all included in the MAME packs even if you do not have the software list roms themselves.

    Personally, I do add a second instance of MAME and I call it MESS in LB so I can keep it all straight. This also allows me to separately unpack roms like the Tandy CoCo tape images and such. This just keeps you from having to update two separate emulators and you only need to keep your MAME up to date… Also, am I the first commenter? Never done that before…

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