NERF Don't Blink Challenge!


You guys LOVED the Don’t Make A Sound Challenge, so we did a version all about BLINKING!! Do you think we won’t blink or flinch?!

NERF Safari Hide And Seek Challenge! ➡

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Upload Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri at 11:50am PST!

DISCLAIMER: This channel uses NERF Rival and Mega Blasters, as well as some modded blasters that we create. These are NOT recommended for anyone aged 13 or below!

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27 thoughts on “NERF Don't Blink Challenge!

  1. lmfao played this game with my (crazy) friends just for shits and we did up to 5 points and out of 5 i and one friend got 0 we went head to head in a stare off… a fly flyd by her head and made her blink so yaaaay

  2. If I was playing I would win since there is a way I put my eyes where it makes me cover most my eyes I have full vision but my eyes are ok

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