Moonrakers Review


Hi, my name is Ben, and this is my review of the board game Moonrakers, from IV Studio, coming to Kickstarter on September 3rd.

Moonrakers is a semi cooperative board game for 1-5 players that includes elements of deck building and engine building and plays in about 60-90 minutes.
For me it kind of has a feel of Star Realms, munchkin, and 5 minute marvel rolled into a fairly light, easy to learn game.
This is how the game looks, all set up and ready to play, with one player board.
The dispatch and armory boards are in the center, where the credits are stored, prestige points are tracked, and the main card decks are.
Players get a couple objectives before the game starts, and can get more later. They give players a sort of achievement that they can work towards and award prestige points when completed.
The ship parts and crew cards can be purchased at the end of your turn with the credits you have, and contribute directly to your action deck and also provide some great special abilities to use while attempting contracts.
Contracts are kind of the main feature of the game. On your turn you can attempt to complete a contract, either alone or with the assistance of other players, and you play cards from your hand to try to fulfill the contract requirements. There is also the possibility of running into hazards, as shown by the indicator in the card, and the roll of the hazard dice.
You start the contract with only one action and the five cards in your hand, but your cards can give you more actions, additional cards, and protection from hazards too.
This is a playtest copy, so it is not final, but it already looks great!
This is definitely one to check out when it comes to Kickstarter.

Thanks for watching!


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