Moonrakers April Update and Unboxing Video


I’m VERY EXCITED to be able to share that our insert has finally arrived and that everything fits great! Don’t take my word for it though, check out this unboxing video. Also, I apologize that my lexicon is limited to the word “excited”.

There are still a few components missing from this video as we await some final samples. We have final coins, but not enough to fill the slots, so we supplemented from our prototypes. The ship tokens are final designs but are not yet the right colors.

On the insert itself, we’re adding a card slot guide that can be seen on our latest KS update.


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3 thoughts on “Moonrakers April Update and Unboxing Video

  1. Is the CrowdOx pledge manager closed? Didn't know if I'd still be able to add anything this late, like sleeves, or if everything is finalized and all I'd be able to do is change shipping address. I reopened mine and it's at least appearing like I could add stuff, but I wanted to be sure before I did anything. Thanks!

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