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Ahhhh the Mixtape. Whether we’re talking the 1980s or 1990s, the mix tape was an essential compilation of your favourite tunes collected from other cassettes, the radio, your friend’s brand new spanking compact disc player. Our lives would have been more expensive and less music dense without the homemade compilation tape. So as it’s 2017, the time feels right to use Aldi’s latest Boombox offering (in the form of a Maxtek stereo), with its MP3 SD card functionality, and record a mixtape for use in my car’s hi-fi system. Because frankly, when it comes to tape recorders, today’s world is a little thin on the ground (if you want a new offering at least), and having the ability to combine new technology with old is always appealing. Splendid stuff.

I also take a look at the #SegaForever tape Sega kindly sent me and have a quick test of the Deus ex Machina audio cassette for use in a future video!

The full track listing for Now! 23 (otherwise known as Now! That’s What I Call Music 23) can be found at – it’s a great album (as long as you’re into power ballads and the finest cheesy pop the ’90s has to offer).

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40 thoughts on “Making a Mixtape in 2017! From an SD Card | Nostalgia Nerd

  1. If you sniggered at "hefty knobs", like this comment. If you didn't, congratulations you are far more mature than I.

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial! Question, if I just connect my phone and play a Spotify playlist, and hit record on the tape, will the audio be crystal clear on the tape once done or is it just recording with a microphone?
    Could I just get any boombox with Bluetooth and record that way? Thanks so much!

  3. Cheez I use that blank tapes on back in days in 90s o bought 10 pack blanks tapes and record music and make .y favorite pop music and latin music I Have have cassette tapes now but cassette tapes are good sounds till now I replaced mobile phones as music player now and I phone too. Mobile phone are loud music as mp3 plyers high quality. You're very odd person I seen you an old radio player to pc that your hacker to doing something new ways to record it

  4. Before you buy anything

    i thought i needed the boom box but you don't all you need is an aux to aux cord and you plug into a tape recorder and then plug the other end into the music you want to record. example , one aux into pc the other end into the tape recorder , press record and play at the same time let the white space clear (about 12 seconds) click play on pc and it will record untill 45 mins are up some tapes are different but most of record 45 mins on each side 90 min total time, if your still confused use this video:

  5. Is it my imagination or does this unit only playback in mono, either from the memory card or the cassette deck?

  6. This is a Real Retro/Classic Entertainment Video!
    Thanks for posting those old time items to new people !

  7. What is the name of the song with the clip after the clip from sleeping satellite? I have heard it before but I can't think what it is called

  8. Thumbs up for Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite. I remember back in the 90s sitting doing mix tapes although I never used Radio 1 but Virgin as my tastes were more in the 80s. New Year was the best time when they played back to back songs.

  9. When you put your first sega mixtape in and pressed play I figured there was probably 100% chance a Sonic song was going to come on… but then again you may have planned it that way 😛

  10. Same model under the Auna brand on eBay for £45….I wonder how many people will shell out that much for one.

  11. I bought a 1984 Volvo 740 with an original casette player. Had to record a mixtape of 80's heavy metal for it.

  12. my first car was a white 1992 honda accord station wagon. after I wore out my limited selection of cassettes I found an adapter that you could hook up to a phone. Im sure they still make them.

  13. 1: Hiss is to be expected from all cassettes
    2: All kinds of noise reduction also kill part of the higher frequencies
    3: lame recorder/playback device
    4: for $30 you can get a much better 2-head cassette deck on eBay
    …fuck the "nostalgia" factor.

  14. This video brings back very pleasant memories from a time when things were simpler but a lot more fun!

  15. I really don't get what your doing here. The 8-bit Guy proved you can make great sounding tapes if you use good equipment.
    Techmoan already said the cheap Aldi boom box sounded awful, and the 8-Bit Guy did a review saying basically it sucked too. So why did you waste your time (your subscribers time) and your money on the thing? You could use one of those tape adapters in your car but I get that wasn't the point of the video. You can make great sounding tapes for your car if that was your real goal but I don't get what your doing here at all.

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