Lee Kwang Soo "A hat trick was scored by… Simon Dominic?" [Running Man Ep 485]

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40 thoughts on “Lee Kwang Soo "A hat trick was scored by… Simon Dominic?" [Running Man Ep 485]

  1. Kwangsoo classic bgm just remind me that this show was on air since I was in the middle school. Hope the members of RM keep healthy and happy as always :')

  2. Even i who is familiar with english name does not understand who gets sent away in 6 seater suv. Lolz. Well i assume i am the same when people mention africa name. Who date who hahahaha🤣🤣🤣

  3. Bu Yarışmamı yoksa verlişmı bilen varsa yazarmısınız lütfen😚😙😗😘😍💗❤💘💌❣💟💞💝💜💛💚💙💖💕💔

  4. Liverpool CLUB is murdered by korea's Maknaes of Running Man😂

    Sadio Mane- Simon murphy to simon dominic
    Jurgen Klopp- Club to Siranman- side trick

    And I die cracking up😂

  5. YSC: “And he is getting in a six-seater SUV.”
    JSM: “Who gets in it? Simon Murphy? Or the manager of Liverpool?
    YSC: “All of them.”

    this part alone is so funny bcs of YSC 😂

  6. -Sadio Mane turn to Simon Murphy then turn to Simon Dominic

    -George Klopp turn to Siranman the turn to Sidetrick and then turn to Simon Diva

    Im dead

  7. English names makes sechan's brain malfunction 😂😂. This type of game always entertaining. Like they did before with pictures 😂😂

  8. Wow going back to the Nevis swing trip with jong kook, jiyho, haha and Che Chan but they really got way more less time than the other group. That shit is so ass… like they was filming the other team and most of their air time was not even entertaining..

  9. At this moment I realized that KwangSoo is a Death representer. Simon Murphy to Dominic and Diva was too obvious

  10. This episode again make me very laugh..after the last episode of do'nt laugh (no.guest, violet shirt)..wkwkwk very laugh..

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