Larry Bird ULTIMATE Mixtape!


Here is a mixtape recapping some of Larry Bird’s career in the NBA.

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42 thoughts on “Larry Bird ULTIMATE Mixtape!

  1. Larry came from a small town, in the hick part of the state. He valued WORK ETHIC. He didn’t give a shit about race or class or fame or any of that surface BS. That’s why everyone loves and respects him.

  2. People say he wasn't athletic, but he had insane hand eye coordination. That count as naturally gifted.

  3. Crazy to think he played with back issues where he couldn’t even get up straight sometimes after games. He still would put up numbers, imagine him healthy!

  4. bird was the chess master of basketball..end of one ever will come close to bird period………….he dont need no flashy dunks…………

  5. the only athlete that ever made me cry while watching him play b ball………………my youngr days were amazing when bird hit the floor for sunday afternoon game on tv………birds celtic teams were the greatest teams i ever seen.loved every second of it…damn i miss it……………bird is the most pure skilled b ball player …..not the most athletic .but his skill beat that ……….

  6. The most unstoppable offensive force in the history of basketball! How in the world do you guard this man?? Stay off him and he'll hit the shot( the best mid range shooter ever)- get close and he'll go around you & finish at the hoop or find someone open for the shot- I truly believe he never gets the GOAT talk because he (1) played below the rim (for the most part) and (2) he was such an introvert off the court and just wanted to be left alone

  7. Larry is literally the first Steph Curry, the only difference is, he made all those crazy long shots on a farm in the middle of Indianna and not in the NBA because the game was so different back then.

  8. The true G.O.A.T of NBA
    1. Bill Russell
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Kobe Bryant
    4. Kareem Abdul jabbar
    5. Wilt Chamberlain
    6. Shaquille o'neal
    7. Tim Duncan
    8. Larry bird
    9. Magic johnson
    10. Hakeem Olajuwon
    11. Dennis rodman
    12. Charles Barkley
    13. John Stockton
    14. Peter maravich
    15. Allen Iverson

    Lebron is no G.O.A.T hes a crybaby and a traitor to this country

  9. there is an exact precision , an economy of movement , form and detailed control that has never been matched in his early game . he is a like a finely crafted swiss watch or like a master musician playing a symphony. its quite different to magics freedom of movement and grace and jordans pin point focused power and athleticism .

  10. Can't run, can't jump, and slow as shit but always a step ahead of everyone he played against. He'd average 40 PPG today, 20 from free throws alone where every touch is a foul.

  11. I don't know how people can say he's not in the discussion for top 5 players of all time or even in the discussion of being the best because if you took away lebron or MJs athleticism and physical gifts they were born with and put them in Larry Bird's body there is no way they would or could have done the things he did. For Bird to be so great while being slow and unathletic just shows his heart, toughness, determination and his basketball IQ is probably the best ever. What more can be said and for him to accomplish everything he did in only 13 seasons is unbelievable and truly amazing. His body just wasn't built to do what he did and in the end his body betrayed him

  12. "He was the hick from French Lick. That was his calling card. And if you believed that, you were gonna get beat." — Dr. J

  13. Luka is the second coming of bird. ( Just for everyone who says Larry wouldn't be dangerous in today's game)

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