Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Level 22 [iPad Gameplay] Wedding Ceremony and Party Part 1


Playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Level 22 Wedding Ceremony and Party Part 1

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iTunes Description:
Join KIM KARDASHIAN on a red carpet adventure in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood! Create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!
⋆ CREATE YOUR OWN STAR and customize your look with hundreds of style options, including Kim Kardashian’s personal picks! ⋆ STAR in a huge interactive adventure as you encounter other celebs, dedicated fans, persistent paparazzi… and even hang out with Kim herself!
⋆ RULE THE RED CARPET as an A-list movie actor, cover model, fashion designer and more — what you do is up to you!
⋆ TAKE OVER L.A. in a virtual world complete with exclusive clubs, upscale boutiques, and luxury homes! Travel to New York City and Miami!
⋆ DATE AND DUMP CELEBS at the best parties and hottest clubs! Flirt and become the next huge celebrity power-couple!
⋆ BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG FOR THE RIDE using Game Center and Facebook — help each other rise to fame, compare styles, send gifts, and see who can be the biggest star!
*** Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is free to play. Players can purchase additional items for real money, or earn them through special offers. Please adjust your device settings if you wish to lock out the ability to purchase in-game content ***

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44 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Level 22 [iPad Gameplay] Wedding Ceremony and Party Part 1

  1. I got engage a while ago on level 17 and im at the part on where im going to find my fiancé and talk to him. I dont know where to find him 🙁

  2. I set up the venue but when I went back in I clicked on the preacher instead of my fiance and after that it wouldn't let me get married. I can still go to my venue but nobody's there. what do I do?

  3. U have money I just bought that dress now I got 200 dollars left but I have 24 hours to secure the venue before Chad and crystal do .HELP ME

  4. yeah i think this is nice to have it lots of stars to buy much nicer wedding dress here you can have free stars and cash here any amount you want
    ☢☢☢ ☢☢☢
    ☢☢☢ ☢☢☢
    ☢☢☢ ☢☢☢

  5. Can someone add me on the game centre and get me the lace dress with the long sleeves because im having a wedding and I have no stars left 😭

  6. Hello peeps, I just got 2474065 Stars & Money for free.
    I am damn happy to use this on my Kim kardashian Hollywood 😉
    Its 100% legit and easy to access.

  7. If you want to know the secret trick to leveling up KKH 2x more faster. Read the article here
    Its really awesome

  8. Can someone please give me a GOOD cheat for the game that DOES actually work?? you pretty much need stars for everything and i dont want to pay real dollars ..!!!!!!!

  9. When will you get a baby with your partner. I Wendt as Many dates as possible and now i have 6000 hearts. How Many hearts Do i need? Please help😫 Is it because im engaged to dirk diamonds or Do i have to date someone els??

  10. Hi um could anyone that got married send me the dress or something because i cant buy it and i have to pay for the wedding and the decorations so please my username on the gamecenter (apple) is XxChloeBOSSxX

  11. Can you help me? Ive been engaged for at least 2 or 3 months now:( i want to get married and the BIIIIIIIG problem is, is that i can afford a dress i only have 15 dollars FIFTEEN i spend it all on dates but i cant get more i dont care if its the cheapest ugliest dress.. I just need one please accept my name Is esme_perezz in it please help me

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