Kim Kardashian : Hollywood Gameplay Tutorial Vow Renewal in Hawaii


New updates .
Bridesmaid dresses , new wedding dresses , pick out hubby tuxedo or wifey dress , new locations and new adventures .
Waikiki, Hawaii Vow Renewal didn’t show up until after I completed 5 dates, went through a storyline of my spouse trying to surprise me with a wedding planner. Once you figure out your spouse is trying to surprise you they ask you to meet the top wedding planner in Waikiki to finish planning the vow renewal. Hold on, it’s coming lol. Lots of “fun” things happen. Even a Willow sighting.
You will need money for decorations and kstars for hairstyles and outfits for you and your partner . I recommend that for your Bridesmaid you gift them instead of buying bridesmaid dresses( too expensive). Also , do a couple of gigs before going to see your wedding planner (to save up coins).


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10 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian : Hollywood Gameplay Tutorial Vow Renewal in Hawaii

  1. HONESTLY, upon further review. Thank you for this video. This looks cool but like a total scam to get out K- STARS. We just had a beautiful wedding in Italy what is the need? And also they are scamming is to use K-Stars with the Bellaire estate and almost every other house in the game. I started my game in 2014 when it launched. It’s ridiculous how expensive it is! You’d have to spend like $2,000! To get all the homes and furnish them and clothes and hair. It’s insane. The best deal is actually the 50$ VIP subscription because you get 30 stars a day . But I can’t spend that right now with corona virus and being out of work

  2. I just did this storyline and I was so pissed that I thought even for a second that my husband was cheating on me with a skanky hoe that I straight up told him NO to the vow renewal. Besides we just got remarried( I hadn’t played in years) I still am pissed how this made me feel! Thanks for the video though so I can see what I missed

  3. I paid money and stars for the Hawaiian wedding decor both for the ceremony and for the reception. But Willows fiance stole it by posing as my personal assistant. How do you get that back? I also paid for a suit for the groomsmen and address for the bridesmaid.

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