Kim Jong Kook "Korean food in LA is really good!" [Running Man Ep 438]

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44 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook "Korean food in LA is really good!" [Running Man Ep 438]

  1. Seok jin said he don't understand why people go to other country but eat the same type of food while the dude actually crave kimchi jiggae in Mongolia… Like I…….

  2. I always want Running Man to have a special episode trip to America but I’m scared of the racism’s. Americans are very sensitive being on camera and I would hate to see that happen.

  3. thats why dumb expats have to stop complaining about food being "inauthentic" in their home country. duh. its not supposed to be. that doesnt mean its not good. the bulgogi in my state is wayyy better than any i had in korea. although i gotta admit the seolleongtang is pretty good in seoul lol

  4. I'm from LA and agree Korean food here is excellent. Like seriously really really good. BCD Tofu House is probably what they’re referring to. I go at least once a month lol.

  5. They were talking about BCD Tofu House. And yeah it’s really good. Even better than the one I had in Seoul lol

  6. This ep the race title is lalaland. Main character jongkok n songjihyo. I've watched the movie lalaland. Somehow I feel the relationship vibe between jk n jihyo it's kinda the same as in the movie😂

  7. Korean food in LA is like heaven to me. I flew from Houston, Texas to LA just to eat at Kang Ho dong Baekjeong. I ate there twice in one week.

  8. Actually, I live in LA. Our korean food here is excellent! But, I would love to try the original in Korea! Haha.

  9. Dear Jong Kook oppa. Believe me, everyone country food will taste better in another country. It's like healing your homesick, it taste good because you miss your home. Hahahaha

  10. Koreatown in LA is pretty amazing, I must say. It’s like a destination itself. The Korean food in the rest of the USA is not so good.

  11. KJK is a generous person…all his close brothers who went on vacation with him before said, they barely using their own money because all expenses covered by him..

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