Hyun Jin Ryu hits his first career home run, a breakdown

Giải Trí

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21 thoughts on “Hyun Jin Ryu hits his first career home run, a breakdown

  1. IN.. DODGERS stadium! – Not even helped by 'high' altitude effects! ..haha..
    Jomboy! Man, ya forgot somethin' ..WHY, why show..oh, Bunches of replays of Ryu's swing, and FORGET that pitcher's reaction?! Surely WORTHY of extra time…

  2. Ryu should have stayed in la he wil b in over his head in the American league and east division good luck lol

  3. And to think this part of baseball will be gone soon thnx to the new rule. I always love pitcher homeruns

  4. We get it , you’re an AL fan… I love how every AL fan just hates that the NL doesn’t have the DH for no apparent reason. Oh and there are actually pitchers that can hit FYI

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