How to Talk Like a Native Speaker | Marc Green | TEDxHeidelberg


Marc talked about the process of learning a foreign language and the different levels of fluency. He will show that there is a higher realm of language proficiency and explain what it takes to reach this “native” point where the benefits far surpass mere communication skills. Marc’s passion is the study of languages, their manifestation in local dialects, as well as their expression in poetry and folkloric song. He has acquired a near-native proficiency in six languages and their sub-forms and has given various musical performances. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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32 thoughts on “How to Talk Like a Native Speaker | Marc Green | TEDxHeidelberg

  1. I can't believe this is still discussed in 2018! (year of the video). Who is this clown? Has he studied linguistics? Language Education? Why is TED giving a space to these kinds of idiots?

  2. 16:00 absolutely agree here! I owe my first words in English to Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton adults used to listen to. Tough teachers I must say 😅 Then there was a bit of downshifting in terms of taste on my part – Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls took over the world for a while, and there was no way to ignore their presence in the radio, so yes, singing is a super efficient way to obtain a more or less decent pronunciation and repeat the whole phrases. I really hope noone except the speaker (can't blame him tho) cringes when they hear Russian – we're lovely! 😇
    One more thing I'd like to add to what the speaker said and it deals with psychological aspects of learning a new language: resurrecting a wriggling, mimicking child within yourself helps a lot. Don't take yourself too seriously as many sounds in non-native languages might sound rather ridiculous than difficult at first. Just have fun acting monkeyish and imitating the sounds and you'll get there 💯%.
    Edit: looked up in the dictionary, apparently it's ON the radio. Чёртовы предлоги:)

  3. I do have a strong accent (native Spanish speaker) and people love it, they also understand everything I say. Sorry but I will keep it!

  4. People shouldn't feel bad about accents in speaking in any language, in fact, quite contrary, people should feel proud of speaking a foreign language ,instead of worrying about the accent since this is a skill located in our brain to use it. I personally speak Armenian, my mother language, English , Turkish and basic spoken French . Natives in Paris tell me I have zero accent in French and I fully agree , it came to me so natural, in English as I speak it you can sense the slight accent in there because of the languages I am exposed to, I do not intend to fix my slight accent in English because it makes who you are and that makes you feel so unique. If I ever have to change my English slight accent that would be for British English since I consider that to be the true elegant English language. Those who comment on accents first they should try learning a second language for a change to understand themselves and then the world around them, maybe then the accent won't be an accent anymore.

  5. Being a native Portuguese speaker and having learned both English and Spanish fluently, I totally agree when he says you kinda show a different "personality" when speaking in another language. I definitely feel like that when speaking in Spanish, for example. It's like a candid impersonation of somebody else.

  6. Nice video, I just want to mention that The Saint-Petersburg's metro (station Admiralteiskaya) is deeper than the deepest station in Moscow, but the deepest one in the world is Arsenal'naya station in Kiyev (Ukraine).

  7. Hi guys!
    I'm a student who's learning English and I really really need someone to practise with.
    Just put your commen if you could help me and thank you❣️

  8. He doesn't really say anything. I mean, duh, work on your accent. 17 minutes for that? Wasn't even a confident speaker, nervous as heck when he said a phrase in different languages at the end. Lame.

  9. Is there anyone who can help me with American verbs and expressions please. Like where to learn, website or anything. Thanks in advance!

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