How To Start Running When You're Overweight

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Here’s how to start running when you’re overweight. Losing weight can feel extremely daunting as a task, and as such keeps even the most strong-willed people from getting started. While it may feel too intimidating to walk into a gym without a plan or self-confidence, it’s never too early to simply start moving. Coach Holly breaks down her best tips for getting started safely and making it stick. Consider this the start of an awesome journey!

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38 thoughts on “How To Start Running When You're Overweight

  1. As someone who was actually overweight. 300lbs. Absolutely don't start running. WALK, don't run. Walking is much more enjoyable than running especially when your body isn't used to moving to much. I walked a couple miles every day for over a year before I started running.

  2. I’m 190 right now and I’ve started doing 30 60’s where I run in place for 30 seconds and walk in place for a minute, for 25 minutes (then continue walking for 50 mins) when I tried running outside a few years ago, my knees started hurting so now during the quarantine I’ve started doing everything in place. this is my first week but I think it going to help (and maybe I will one day feel comfortable going back outside)

  3. When you guys can charge on a monthly basis instead of taking it all at once per year…I will start my free trial. Can't give up that much money all at once for something I don't think I might be able to stick with or have time to do.

  4. 165 lbs(75kg) this weight is just insane for my age i am just 21 ….started walking and jogging at 5 45 am….its been 3 days…..and i will continue my training for sure…😍😍😍just came here for few tips….😀👌👌👌

  5. I am 5'7 and weight 213lbs. I started running two weeks ago. I hope i can improve my 5km pacing from 7:40 to 6:00…..

  6. it is recommended for over-weight individuals to do brisk-walking/hike everyday for 1 hour as the primary cardio before any type of running is performed. Running while being over-weight can damage the knees, hips, and ankles in a short amount of time! Its hard to see over-sized individuals who start off their first day of a workout program with a 3 mile jog and suddenly develop all kinds of pains in their lower extremities. Brisk Walking, Eating Healthy, and doing a lot of mobility training is the first phase of building a lean and healthy physique. Strength and Cardio-vascular endurance training should should be easier to perform afterwards.

  7. I'm 5ft7 and weigh 14.7 stones. I've just started jogging again after a long period off and each step I take is painful. I feel like vomiting at the 0.5 mile point. I've been jogging for a week now and I'm so fatigued every time I jog, I'm nearly on the verge of giving up every time I go. How far do you think is best to jog for an overweight person like me?

  8. I did the San Francisco Parkrun in that park when i visited from Australia. Such a beautiful place to run. Looking forward to when we can travel once more. Great video too!

  9. I'm pretty middle in weight, just about overweight, and I'm getting up at 6:00am tomorrow morning to start running- I did a mile today, and wow, that was more difficult than it should have been; I'm blaming lockdown and my previous workout of the day- but Isabelle Furham made me start wanting to. Anyway, I wish everyone else luck.

  10. I’m going to learn to run a mile nonstop. I commenting this because I want to be held accountable for it. And so that I don’t give up because so many people are going to know I failed if I give up so I’m going to push through! I’ll give updates 🙂

  11. I used to run 5K's, 10K's, 10 milers, 1/2 marathons, and then I started college and everything changed. I was seriously into weight training but with school, I've gained a belly. I still have my muscles but my belly is a bit bigger. I started to weight train and noticed lots of huffing and puffing. My condition is not what it used to be. I want to get back into running and weight training. I find myself being a couch potato. I thought I would never get to this level but I find excuses. I need to get back and stay with the program.

  12. When I ran I would do sprints, combos (30 sec sprint, job, walk), and jog. On days I didn’t run I would bike or do other low impact cardio. I have permanent injuries so now I walk mostly and low impact cardio.

  13. I’m 26, and have put on about 50 pounds over the past year following a particularly bothersome breakup. As somebody who ran cross country throughout both middle school and high school whilst also playing drums in a variety of gigging bands, I feel so ashamed for having fallen off as much as I have.

    Any pointers? I’m 5’9 and about 200 lbs.

  14. Thank you for making this, I'm gonna start running this morning. I'll be back a month later… Wish me luck

  15. Thank you so much from a beginner runner. This really helped to explain so much, especially the mental challenge and the comparison to other runners. Thank you.

  16. Starting today, used to run a lot but got injured and now I’m 2 stone overweight and unfit, so wish me luck 🙂

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