Emulating the Commodore 64 – LaunchBox Tutorials


Today’s LaunchBox Tutorial shows you how to get the Commodore 64 up and running in LaunchBox! The system is a bit… quirky however so somethings may not work as well as the video shows, or you may have better luck than I do but this is how you go about doing the Commodore 64! Enjoy the tutorial and if you need help with it leave us a comment below!

Hoxs64 –

Default Command Line Parameters:
-quickload -autoload

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37 thoughts on “Emulating the Commodore 64 – LaunchBox Tutorials

  1. I have several consoles and platforms up and running but i'm having trouble with Hoxs64. I tried the -autoload even by its self as you show in the file and nothing.
    Any suggestions? -fullscreen works only. I also tried WInvice

  2. Can you please create a video explaining how to map the Xbox controller buttons and sticks? I tried using it but the stick doesn’t move the character. In the game I played pressing moving left skip the level.

  3. Please can someone help me, I followed the tutorial exactly, it just shows me the commodore 64 console screen, no games are actually starting.

  4. 9:20 Can you explain what you're doing here – after it imports your games and gets all the emu movies and meta data, why do you need to change anything after that? Why change it to Commodore 64 (PP)?

  5. Can we just use retroarch instead of Hoxs? I'm having trouble with retroarch. Loads up a blue commodore 64 screen when I try to play a game. Not sure what to press.

  6. Please please please do a Commodore VIC-20 tutorial on how to get the different tape, disk and cartridge formats working properly in Launchbox!

  7. mm … doesnt work here. the hoxs64 emulator isnt in the preset list. if i try to set it manually it cant be associated with a platform. any help?

  8. please can you tell me how I can exit from Hosx64 when i run it in launchbox… the normal "esc" key not available – (win 10 64 bit) last launchbox and bigbox installed

  9. I've been struggling for a nice way to say this for a while. I really appreciate these tutorial videos. In fact, they are essential to successfully setting up Launchbox with many different platforms. But … and I'm trying to be kind and helpful here … they are sometimes excruciating to watch. You spend way too much time on 'fluff' intros, you take forever to get to the important points, and you speak with this odd affected style where you take forever to get out a sentence because of the way you pause and emphasize certain words. I dunno what it is, but it's like sand in my shorts. This particular video could have been 2 or 3 minutes long. Instead you drag it out 16 minutes of agony. Sorry.

  10. Hey Brad, I've performed the above (launchbox 7) however its sitting on READY even with -autoload any suggestions?

  11. I don't have any nib files, all mine are d64 or t64. Then another folder with sid files. I would imagine the d64 is disk while the t64 is tapes. What's are the nib,sid files?

  12. Hi Sentai Brad, thanks for making the tutorial. However, when I try to use Hoxs64, it won't actually load nib files. What am I missing? Thanks!

  13. Sorry but I have to call foul on this one! You add in .nib files to the pp section, however you play .tap file in tapes. Hoxs64 does not play pp. In fact I dont think here is any emulator that plays pp (nib) files for commodore 64. Please send suggestions

  14. please please please can you show us/me how to setup the Commodore Amiga on launch box. big thumbs up for everything your doing!

  15. This is so helpful. Thank you for this. Any chance we might get a tutorial on PC-88 and PC-98? I've always found those a pain to configure.

  16. Why are there always duplicates? I see that on some of my systems? I imagine it's from if the game has multiple files. Is there a way to consolidate so you only see one?

  17. Hi Brad thanks for the tutorials. I just want to request a tutorial vid on the NeoGeo please and thanks. I saw that you did the Pocket but I really need help with the console/arcade version.

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