Easy MAME Install Setup Guide 2018 MAME Plus LaunchBox


In this video, I show you how to easily get MAME Arcade games up and running on your PC Using MameUi And LaunchBox!
Play your favorite Retro Arcade games on PC!

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30 thoughts on “Easy MAME Install Setup Guide 2018 MAME Plus LaunchBox

  1. Your title is wrongly stated that you're setting up Mame Plus when you're actually using MameUI64.

  2. ok, so any way to just have like 10 or twenty games? i dont want hundreds of gigs of games, i want maybe 100 at the most.

  3. Why can't you just uploa your installation folder of MAME with roms and config settings "pre-loaded" so nobody has to go through all of this drivel (no offense but this isn't simple lol). Not everyone wants to tinker with their computer just to play a video game they might not even like. Been trying to set MAME up for the past 10+ years lmao.

  4. Could never get this to work, even download games only to be told it can't run because ether a file is missing or something else.

    Always wanted to play 'Jump & Bump' again but can never get it to run.

  5. str8 up we need a new way of playing the old coinop games too confusing, why the hell cant it be like the other emulation platforms?!?!?!

  6. Great content… Am I the only one who cannot find the two up-coming videos mentioned in this video? The CHD and home computer systems videos. Thank you for your effort Sir…

  7. I am use only for Macintosh. I don't use Windows. Commodore 64 in mame64 how can load .D64 and .TAP

  8. There are guides out there for reducing the file sizes DRAMATICALLY for these things btw… Idk if ETA PRIME has covered it, but basically you can just separate the games you want (probably removing a lot of clones, Mahjong games and other junk) and then you can just keep those games and delete the rest to save yourself like 90% of the hard drive space… Unless you like the clones and Mahjong games that much… God there's so much Mahjong…

  9. Can anyone please help me to get the games running. I have launch box set up and says I have games but when i load the games it says loading but never loads. When I downloaded, I never saw a folder called ROMs in .0196 extras. Please advise

  10. I have 2 hard drives full of games and just got SNES games working. I think this is an easier one to start with. I have to press pause multiple times, so I don’t miss anything but all the info is there😁

  11. Thank you so much. thanks to you finally did it. It was not possible to do this without the 60gb file. I tried to many other methods and none work.

  12. Sorry not start over: Here is what I Have I have a arcade I built 2 players. control panel has joystick and 6 buttons each side. A player one and player two button. Two buttons for coins that are also hocked up to a coin box. Track ball and hooked one button for that. A sniper as well. Oh running windows 10 using Mameui64 and fond the split rom set. and using LaunchBox 10.7 All my roms are in my mame roms folder. Games load up in BigBox. When I get into the menu for the controls it will not recognize button, trackball or spinner. Dose this work with windows 10 from my laptop using a flash drive? Can you help? This is the best video so far every thing worked except the control panel. I like use the videos instead of reading. I see a lot of people say this is not working for them. Does any one have a running Arcade using mame, LaunchBox and windows 10 that has been works all the time?

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