Dragon Bridge, Love Lock Bridge, Da Nang Central Vietnam.

Âm Nhạc

1. For a clip about Danang Dragon spit fire and spray water
2. For the Golden Bridge-Cầu Vàng Ba Na Hills
Exploring Da Nang. Different time, different view.
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Three in one: An Ideal place you shouldn’t miss when traveling in Da Nang-Central City of Vietnam.
The best time to visit here is in late afternoon or at night when the weather is cool, and the bridges are all lit up with colorful lights.
Stroll along the riverside to snap photos of Dragon Bridge, the Statue of the Fish Transforming into Dragon (the symbol of Da Nang). Then, have a walk on the Love Lock Bridge to breath in the fresh air from the river or enjoy the beautiful heart shaped lights that go along the romantic bridge.
And if you visit here on weekends, you can witness the magnificent scene-the Flaming and the Water from the mouth of dragon: The Dragon Bridge changes it colors, Spit Fire and Spray Water for around 15 minutes at 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday every weekends.
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