DON'T YOU DARE BLINK IN THIS GAME! | Late Night Shop Pre Alpha Gameplay


Late Night Shop TOTALLY reminds me of those Dr Who episodes with the Weeping Angels. This game is terrifying! The pre alpha gameplay was good, though I feel like it could use some ominous background music.

Overall, I really enjoyed Late Night Shop! So who want’s to go shopping with me?

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|Late Night Shop is a terrifying first person horror in which you must escape from evil mannequins that move and stalk you whenever you’re not looking.

Compatible with standard screens or Oculus Rift (and far more terrifying on Rift), Late Night Shop uses the same freaky scare technique as Five Nights At Freddy’s and the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who for some truly pant wetting frights. Played entirely in first person (even the menu screen), you venture through a deserted mall populated by evil mannequins. They move only when you’re not looking and they’re FAST so you can’t take your eyes off them for long – which makes searching for an exit door a nerve-wracking experience.

Currently in Pre-Alpha, Late Night Shop is already a well crafted and fabulously freaky experience – it’ll take nerves of steel and a steady gaze to escape this late night shopping experience!|

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