Don't Mess With Dogs: A Zoosadist Story Part 2

Thú Nuôi

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27 thoughts on “Don't Mess With Dogs: A Zoosadist Story Part 2

  1. Sorry to say that RMP never went to trial. All recent discoveries of new info regarding him went straight to Cuba. I have received no updates since sending them the new evidence. So long as there is no law, he will probably never be brought to justice.

  2. Ok that "dark groups" spiel was pretty much a cop out. While not entirely wrong, you have to be pretty damn ok with it to keep going. When I was 15, I was part of a columbiners chat. I was incredibly down at the time, and was being abused by my mother. One of the members of that chat encouraged me to do terrible terrible things. They terrified me, and I eventually left the group of my own accord. Im not mentally healthy by any means, but you need to be way fucked up to buy into that behavior in the first place. Yikes.

  3. I dont think I can watch this. I could barely stomach the first one. Could someone give me a small summary with minimal graphic details.

  4. As someone who likes fursuits and the art let me say what the main problem with furries is; While it's true that the grand majority of the fandom are either children or regular sane people, way too many turn a blind eye to things like this and are scared to call it out. Alot are scared of starting drama and so they remain silent and let things like this go unchecked until it gets so big to the point where it's outside of the fandom and they have no choice but to either continue to ignore it making it look like they support it or, finally half-assedly call it it. STOP THIS SHIT. If you want people to stop having this negative outlook on your fandom then you have to start outing this shit as quickly and as loudly as possible. It is disgusting and if you're silent you're just as guilty. Friend or not there's a basic level of human decency you have that comes before your stupid ass hobbies. Call this shit out and stop being so passive because you're so scared of starting drama.

  5. I see a lot of people saying this makes them ashamed or nervous about being a furry, and a common response being, "Let's start a new group!" Unfortunately, no matter what group you start, you'll just have those people follow into the new one.

    The problem stems from the fact that it's a community that blurs the line between human and animal, since the whole idea is anthropomorphizing animals, and embracing escapism. This leads to escapism thru sexual fantasy just as much as normal fantasy, since people like sex. It's a very pro-fetish community partially due to that escapism and personal fantasy aspect, which isn't bad inherently, but when you lower the bar, then shit that was super low before becomes way easier to get to.

    That's not to say the bar shouldn't be lowered – plenty of fetishes ARE perfectly safe and harm nobody, and are just taboo because they're weird. But it's nigh impossible to make it easier for people to do safe, harmless fantasy without also making it easier for people like Kero to slip under the radar and do this insane shit.

    It's not necessarily that being a furry means you're more likely to be a zoosadist, but rather it's that by nature of the community zoosadists can hide more easily among furries. It's the same principle of how pedophiles can more easily hide among weebs. So no matter what "new label" you throw on it, you'll always end up getting the same thing popping up because you're not changing anything about what the label means.

    There really isn't a solution, which is the saddest part. Furry is a benign hobby, and can be an extremely rewarding and fun community to be in. There are such a ridiculous number of furries that it's irresponsible to say that this is a "furry problem" when it only applies to a very select handful of them. If you find a hundred zoosadists, it looks like a lot on paper, but compared to the sheer volume of furries (between 1.5 and 3 million) it becomes way more obvious that this isn't representative of furries as a whole.

    I have to disagree with not calling yourself a furry just because of this. Doing everything a furry does but not calling yourself one solely because of the stigma is committing a sort of reverse no-true-Scotsman in that you're characterizing the label of "furry" with being okay with zoosadism (hence why you're removing the label from yourself) when in reality all it means is participating in the furry community – which, by the numbers, does not tend to favor zoosadism. (There's a reason they got cancelled in the furry community. Even if their little echo chambers remained on them, that's what happens to everyone who gets cancelled – the overwhelmingly vast majority of furries hate these people.)

    By no longer calling yourself a furry because of this, you become the Scotsman that likes sugar in his porridge, and you're self-removing yourself from that group because you don't want to be associated with the Scotsmen that don't like sugar in their porridge.

  6. Ya know I'm pretty desensitized to shit like this but knowing he is basically getting away scotch free and the dogs he had won't even begin to understand what the fuck happened to them. How do you get digs therapy for trauma like that? It's heartbreaking

  7. I’m usually against murdering people because they fuck with the cartel, but maybe if these guys tried to scam a cartel member out of some drugs and ended up getting a gender re assignment by a pit bull, things wouldn’t be so bad.

  8. I don't trust God to give these things any comeuppance when they die. Obviously the lives that they destroyed weren't worth saving to him.

  9. Huge props to those willing to stomach all the evil trash to find the sickos and reveal them to the world and get some justice.

  10. Oh hey! @3:36 It's Nick Rekeita!

    Who's good friends with Jim (Metokur)

    I wonder what Lawsplaining the Internet video that was?

  11. Does anybody know the version of "one summer's day" from spirited away that was used in the background? It was the only thing that kept me sane listening to these horror stories…

  12. I’m a furry but “Tough banditos are coming after me, I’ve pissed off the mascot squad” was goddamn funny

  13. I wish I could watch this but judging by the comments it’s something I can’t stomach. Fuck humans can be so disgusting.

  14. the furry community is very confusing to me
    one one hand, they are SO quick to cancel people
    but on the other, they're quick to forgive and forget, like, kero still has a devoted fanbase eagerly awaiting his return… dude fucked his dog multiple times and people just forgive him… is it because he's popular or something?

  15. I like furry art and I have a suit, still will never understand the porn or fucking animals. Like what the fuck?? I find suiting is like cosplay and treat it as that

  16. People that tought rain the wolf wasnt kero are the same people who tought kosaku kawajiri wasnt yoshikage kira

  17. Zoophiles and animal abusers must be brought to justice. This is disgusting behavior. I will do what I can to alert the authorities of these horrible people. I am a furry that hates zoophiles.

  18. I challenge the creator and viewers of this video to google "USDA puppy and kitten mills", and take them down next.

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