Don't blink, Or You'll Miss A KEKW


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AdmiralBulldog Phantom assasin brings in a lot of KEKW’s

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Edited by Elaitoh

Intro made by Verrk

Outro song:
Venice Beach – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena



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39 thoughts on “Don't blink, Or You'll Miss A KEKW

  1. Anjir ada lagu pengabdi setan dimenit 13.36 kaget gw dengerin tengah malem langsung merinding taunya dari sini wkwk

  2. Sir why do you max E what's the actual point of it over W especially when you're going for a single target build with Orb of Venom for chasing as well

  3. I miss elaitoh godly edit like from 2 years ago, sure its more videos. But miss the memes and funny zoom. I know he stated "to bring more content he does less edits" but man 🙁 im talking about video like house tour but dota match.

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