Dog Tale (Shark Tale) trailer 3

Thú Nuôi

Plot: Underachiever Dannyis a anthrophobic cat with grand aspirations. When great blue/red octopus Hairdresser Octopus is accidentally killed, Danny concocts a story with Hairdresser Octopus’s peace loving brother Parappa that it was he who murdered the octopus. Suddenly hailed Octopusslayer by his aquatic brethren, Danny has bigger bacteria to fry when Hairdresser Octopus’s father, mob boss Thrax, dispatches his henchmen to track down his son’s killer.

Cast: Danny as Oscar
Hairdresses Octopus (Takoyama) as Frankie
Parappa as Lenny
Sawyer as Angie
Lola Bunny as Lola
Thrax as Don Lino
Scrooge Mcduck as Mr. Sykes
Mario and Luigi as Ernie and Bernie
Hairdresser Octopus as Frankie
Squidward as Luca
Patrick Star as Don Ira Feinberg
Krusty Clown as Crazy Joe
Mindy as Katie Current
Sailor Moon as Worm
Donald Duck’s cousins as Shorties
Jessica Rabbit as Mrs. Sanchez
Callie from Splatoon 2 as Christina
Rita from Animaniacs as Missy
Applebloom as Shrimp
Equestria ponies as Whale in The Whale Wash
Girls from parappa as Sea Turtles in The Whale Wash
Max as Video Game Shark


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