Dance Moms: Full Dance: The Game of Love (S4, E12) | Lifetime


Watch Maddie’s full tap solo, The Game of Love, from Episode 12 (Sister Showdown) of Dance Moms Season 4.

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Dance Moms
Season 4
Episode 12
Sister Showdown

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47 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Full Dance: The Game of Love (S4, E12) | Lifetime

  1. The funny thing is, when I used to tap dance, my studio had a small basement that was rented out to some highschool kids for studying, so when I would begin my tap lessons, the kids would complain about all the noise.

    One day, I was doing tap, and I’m not sure if it was a loose floor board or I hit the ground too hard, but after I jumped and tried to come down and do 4 clicks, I broke a hole through the floor and revealed a bit of the basement.

    I didn’t do tap after that.

  2. Im sorry, but Mackenzies solo couldn't stand a chance against this. Even though Mackenzie is definitly improving on her facial expressions, and you could see that in her dance, Maddie had the whole package with the facial expressions along with the gorgeous tap routine. Mackenzie did have a fair shot, so I'm not going to go as far as to say she was set up to fail. She just needs to work on her facial expressions if she's going to have a shot at beating Maddie.

  3. I love this solo cause you can tell how much Maddie loved it. She is a phenomenal dancer but god I love to watch her tap!

  4. I really hate it when people say maddie is overrated, she just gets a lot of attention from Abby, but that doesn't change anything. maddie is doing things at 11 that most people never do, so how is that overrated? Maddie Is constantly being punished because of how Abby treats the other girls and it's not fair that she always had to take the blame. I think it's one of the reasons the Zeiglers Left The Show.

  5. Honestly, Maddie should do more tap routines. She always looks so exited on those routines that it is very hard to look away. Even in You Go Go Girl. Sure that may not be the best dance choreographically but Maddies expressions are hard to look away from even in that dance.

  6. At 19 I’m learning to tap again after 7 years and THIS IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!! I’ve gained so much appreciation for anyone who can tap because WOW I feel like a flailing chicken tryna tap

  7. This is GENIUS! It is crazy, not just how clean and phenomenal her technique and choreography is, but usually in movies they have to pre-record the dance to get tap sounds that clear <3

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