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Cooking Mama Let’s Cook! is a recent Cooking Mama series App Game released by Office Create Corp. on May 12, 2015, being downloaded and played by over 30 million users worldwide.

▪ Let’s Cook
▪ Make: Choose either “Family Chef” for Easy, “Veteran Chef” for Medium, and “Special Chef” for Hard.
▪ Combine: Pick two recipes to combine into something new.
▪ Practice: Choose one of the steps to work on before Making It.
▪ Look: Observe the finished recipe.
▪ Treat Others: Eat the recipe and gain Game Coins.
▪ Deco Stamp: Decorate a recipe through use of coloring objects, stickers, or various other features.
▪ Requests from Papa: Complete objectives to gain special rewards.
▪ Recipe Shop: Purchase recipe packs to gain new recipes.
▪ Recipe Rental: Lend and share recipe packs to other friends via Facebook.
▪ Challenge: Challenge yourself to time limit games and earn the highest score.
▪ Game Plaza: Play various minigames and challenge others for prices.
▪ Change Design: Spruce up designs with items you have gained or purchased.
▪ Item Store: Collect Game Coins and use them to purchase outfits, accessories, challenges, and puzzles.


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