Cardistry Hype Deck // Chris Ramsay’s favorite // MixTape vol 2 Rose Gold – My Turn Michael Stern


One of Chris Ramsay’s favorite playing card decks of 2018 – the hype deck mixtape vol 2 rose gold deck created by Michael Stern (aka My Turn). On the box it says Your Turn Vol 2. This deck was released at Cardistry Con 2018 in Hong Kong. It is a mix of four different Cardistry playing cards decks. This is the 2nd edition mixtape hype deck with a rose gold tuckcase. The cards were printed by the USPCC. Hope you all enjoy this deck review and seeing the cards in action!

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—- Camera / Recording Equipment —-
My Main Camera:
Lighting Kit I use:
Light stands I use to hold the LED light panels:
Some slow-mo shots “deck in action” shots I record using the iPhone XS.

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A Bouquet of Roses by Dj Quads


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15 thoughts on “Cardistry Hype Deck // Chris Ramsay’s favorite // MixTape vol 2 Rose Gold – My Turn Michael Stern

  1. It should be hype v2 because as the name suggests it’s a combination of the most hype playing cards in 2018 and also Micheal stern called it ‘hype playing cards’ on Instagram

  2. I’m really enjoying these card reviews. I know nothing about card tricks —-so I don’t understand why. I think a great component to add would be their price. If that confidential for so reason then just for a regular consumer.

  3. You need some sort of 'special' knife/razor/sharp implement for breaking seals or removing packaging. Your thumbnail doing that leaves much to be desired. 😛

  4. Man after your deckreviews i always want to buy a good deck for myself. Where can i get the best price/quality value?

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