Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Moisturiser vs. L'Oréal Men Expert Pure Power | Brand Battle

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It’s Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Moisturiser vs. L’Oréal Men Expert Pure Power. Brand Battle time! Which is the best men’s moisturiser for oily skin? I’ll be putting these men’s skincare products up against each other and reviewing several factors: ingredients; packaging; smell; application; finish; wear; and price. Do you have oily skin? What’s your favourite men’s moisturiser? Have you used Bulldog Skincare moisturiser for oily skin or L’Oréal Pure Power? Got a Brand Battle suggestion? Leave a comment below!

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L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Active Moisturiser:

Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Moisturiser –
UK –
Global –

— Blue blazer [past season]
— Navy turtleneck – [similar]

— Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity –

— Label M Moulding Clay –
UK –
Global –
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46 thoughts on “Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Moisturiser vs. L'Oréal Men Expert Pure Power | Brand Battle

  1. hello Robin James, yes after helping me and answering the following questions you will deserve a like 🙂

    But before that I need help!

    I'm new to this, I put nivea men on my face to moisturize it and I saw that it got worse (oiliness)!

    The skin of my face on my forehead when I run my hand, I have oil on my hand, it looks fat, and the nivea men didn't work for me!

    So, since my skin is oily, I ordered the 2 products!

    1- ORIGINAL Bulldog – face scrub for men

    2 – Bulldog OIL CONTROL – face cleansing gel

    3 – Bulldog OIL CONTROL – moisturizing cream for oily skin

    4 – Bulldog Age Defense – anti-wrinkle cream with moisturizing effect

    My questions are as follows!

    1 – How many times a week do I have to exfoliate my skin ?!

    2- every morning I have to wash my face with face cleansing gel and apply oily skin moisturizing cream ?!

    3- the night when I lie down in order to bathe I have to wash my face again with the bulldog cleaning gel and put the bulldog anti-wrinkle cream ??

    My doubt is not knowing the application methods, what would be the best application method ?!

  2. I used bulldog first but then switched to L’Oréal for men. I still use bulldog as well because of it being vegan based for the skin

  3. Thanks for this Robin. I've been using Bull Dog for a while now and it was interesting to find out it contains witch hazel. Reason being is because this month I started having tattoos, and my tattooist swears by witchhazel as something to calm and sooth the work directly after it's done. I've also purchased the Bull Dog eye roll on as I'm knocking on a bit at 43. Let's see how it does.

  4. hy Robin James! Nice work over there. Please did you make a video for whiteheads clearing products? Or what products are best for clearing whiteheads? Thanks.

  5. украинскую хрень сравнивать с лореаль? стыдоба, лучше лореаль нет ничего

  6. Don't know why tf they r taking loreal one off the shelf in my country is it discontinued?one of the best products I ever had for my skin.u r legend robin

  7. Does bulldog do a PM moisturiser? I know nothing of skin care. Just looking for moisturisers (am/pm) and a cleanser.

  8. Please do a pre styling tutorial with hanz de fuko quicksand. Vs Toni & guy mouse!.. Confused for buying between Toni&guy volume plumping mousse or hanz de fuko quicksand… For a firm volumize hold

  9. Hey Robin!!
    Why don't you come up with winter moisturizer and facewash? Winter seems to bring greats disaster on my face.
    Bdw great video….

  10. can i use loreal men expert pure power in winter?
    if not then which one should i use in winter ?
    Nice video btw and i love your videos.

  11. I am currently using the Pure Power but I will try out the Bulldog one for sure. Just a quick question: which one is better the Pure Power Black Charcoal or the Pure Power Volcano?

  12. i will never buy/use a Loreal product ever again.. iam convinced these schmucks are in the business of gradually destroying your hair & skin.. so that you think to use more product

  13. The biggest issue with the L'oreal one is that it had alcohol as the SECOND ingredient in the list. That means it has more alcohol in it than any other (single) hydrating ingredient. First and foremost its meant to be a moisturiser and its meant to hydrate the skin.

  14. That bulldog moisturiser has been a lifesaver for me since I discovered last year, especially when the hot weather comes out, especially when paired with the facewash. Only one I haven't tried is the scrub which seems a little harder to get a hold of.

  15. I like your videos, Robin.
    Would be nice to see a video talking about the ingredients of these hair products (alcohol, paraben, etc). Because we have A LOT of products in the market and usually we choose by hold and shine factors. But most of us use it every day and it's nice to start choosing the hair product considering it's ingredients, to keep the hair health.
    Could you do that for us?
    Thank you! 😃😃

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