boy pablo – hey girl

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Directed by Eivind Landsvik
Produced by Bacon Productions

℗ & © 777 MUSIC

Thanks to
Julieta Cecilia Rivera Castillo
Juan Pablo Muñoz
Elisabeth Økland
Esteban Muñoz
Felipe Alexis Rivera Muñoz
Gabriel Nystad Muñoz
Eric Tryland
Erik Thorsheim
JD Stenersen
Trygve Thorsheim
Henrik Eikrem Åmdal
Elise Victoria Tørdal
Hans Vestrheim
Even Loftås
Benjamin Schandy
Theodor Angell Mentzoni
Sara Johanne Alavinasab
Ylva Bang
Snorre Mukisa Kilvær
Jens-Gustav Lidal
Lukas Salomon Johannesen
Emilie Støle
Sofie Songe Kittelsen
Liv Margrethe Andersen


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40 thoughts on “boy pablo – hey girl

  1. When you get dropped to the ground by bullies in Highschool and then you get back up on your feet to impress your crush… “Hey Girl 👧”

  2. Doesn't the narrator in this video sound like that one guy that tried to make a documentary on the Tiger King, the guy with the Crocodile Dundee hat? Chain smoked…got almost all his footage destroyed in the trailer fire…u know

  3. After researching for weeks, I finally found the football pitch they filmed this mv in! It's called Mulebanen in Bergen, Norway. You can go on Google Maps and search "Boy Pablo – Everytime" for the dock's location!!! 😀

    p.s. I'm still trying to find the road where Wachito Rico and Sofia drove off into the sunset!

  4. si hablas español échale un ojo a mi nuevo tema y me dices que te parece mil gracias🙏🏼❤️

  5. One sec I’m like wtf are they doing. Why are you doing this. Your bad. Just stop. Next sec I’m like OMFG wait a min did he just drible in reverse

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