Blight Night: You Are Not Safe (by Clevyr, Inc.) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)


App description:

Do you have what it takes to fight a deadly zombie outbreak? Can you survive?

Video may have killed the radio star, but a supposed flu outbreak may have killed humanity leaving one man to survive the horrors of the aftermath.

West Texas, 1986. Sonny Barstow relished small-town life. The ever looming mystery of why he awoke seemingly untouched by the ravages of the bizarre outbreak.

Part 1980s horror flick, part puzzle-solving adventure, Blight Night shoots for exceptional exploration and discovery — without sacrificing the splatterfest.

-Shadow system specifically designed to run fast and smooth on mobile devices

-Hidden weapons, upgrades, and treasures encourage exploration

-Engaging interactive environment

-Open world with 7+ diverse and mysterious areas

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