Black Clover Asta's SACRIFICE & YAMI'S SECRET Origin – Who is The Anti-Magic Devil Theorised [PT4]

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Black Clover Manga Chapter 253 covers Noelle Mermaid form vs Vanica of the Dark Triad, this gave us new information regarding how the demons and devils came onto earth hundreds of years ago since the heart queen Lolopechka read it in history books, this means the anti-magic demon that Asta has could have come to earth at this point of time. We also discuss why Julius would predict Asta would die in previous chapters and who is the anti-magic demon in his 5 leaf grimoire. Everyone also has been wondering in the black clover fan base in regards to Yami, on where he is actually from, is it japan?

00:00 Noelle Vs Vanica
8:26 Black Clover Anti Magic Demon Theory Part 4

Thumbnail Julius:

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21 thoughts on “Black Clover Asta's SACRIFICE & YAMI'S SECRET Origin – Who is The Anti-Magic Devil Theorised [PT4]

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    Black Clover DEVIL THEORY STARTS AT 8:26

  2. dante is asta's dad, look at the chapter 242.2 dante shock after he saw asta's memory (my english is bad)

  3. someone pooping 500 years ago:

    ABD: yes. this is a case of history repeating itself. as you guys might have realized, this is the reason yami spends vast amount of time in the toilet. it's all coming together.

  4. Could someone please tell me are you guys watching the series or are you reading the story
    I'm confused 💔😕

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