A Tiger's Tale – A Life Saving Story, Episode 1

Thú Nuôi

Follow along with us as we tell the story of our latest witness protection tiger named Aria. This series of episodes will reveal the life saving efforts we went through to help this tiger that was in much need of medical care.

What is Witness Protection?

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42 thoughts on “A Tiger's Tale – A Life Saving Story, Episode 1

  1. This cute little tiger is so gorgeous. I am thankful that you guys are going to save this little fella 💖🐾.

  2. Thank you so much, BCR!👍😘 She has become my favourite…along with Smalls. And Flint. And Nabisco. And Biscuit…ehhhh, you get my jist.😂😊

  3. I want to donate sooo bad just wait, till im trillionaire i donate 15% of my balance every month just to save more of this majestic animals cant wait keep them safe love youuuu

  4. I love how Aria commented on arrival at BCR. It was also nice to see how Aria was eating, taking food from a person. <3 I look forward to learning about and seeing more Aria! <3 <3 <3

  5. I really like your channel, cats are so cute.

    I also have funny mice like that, please take a look at my channel,

    I'd be happy if you commented on my mice. Thanks !

  6. If they ban & make it illegal to own a wild animal of any type no litigation would be necessary. These people need to be forced to watch how their neglect has changed the course of this Tigers life forever! Please continue to educate the public & show the recovery efforts Thank you look forward to positive updates.

  7. I would hope that someday big cats would
    be unlawful to be owned by individuals and only by licensed inspected facilities

  8. One day when this pandemic is over, I would love to travel and see the BCR. Thanks for your dedication and efforts to all who help these wonderful cats.

  9. Gorgeous Aria❣ I have a feeling this is gonna be a wildly successful relationship, all around.
    🤗's & 🙏's

  10. She's gorgeous! If anyone can save her, it's you. Looking forward to seeing more of her story – thank you for all that you do!! ❤🐾

  11. Happy Tuesday Aria & BCR.
    So where ever it is that you went to to get Aria it was a three day turn around was it? Was it just Victor & Jamie on the trip?
    This is going to be an excellent series to watch. I look forward to watching Aria's journey with you all there at BCR.

  12. BCR you guys are amazing! I love what you do for these wonderful animals. Thank you so much for all that you do and I’m wishing you the very best moving forward.

  13. You guys are my heroes! I honestly believe you have improved the life of each and every cat who has come into your care….even the ones whose bodies are near their end. You restore the wild dignity of all of them. Thank you. 💕

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