7 Effects of Growing Up with a Single Parent

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Did you grow up in a household where you had a single parent? A single mom or a single dad? Although having two parents in the picture is definitely beneficial for kids growing up, it’s not always the case. There are many children today who are going through life with just a single parent, and when they reach adulthood, many of them become highly successful, happy individuals. Both negative and positive psychological effects of having a single parent have been studied extensively. In this video, we cover some of those positive and negative consequences. This topic was also highly requested by many of Psych2Go’s Community member.

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This topic hasn’t been covered by many others, so we want to be the first to bring awareness.

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30 thoughts on “7 Effects of Growing Up with a Single Parent

  1. Did you grow up from a single parent household? How was life for you? Feel free to open up and share about your experiences.

  2. Single parent home here too, my mom was amazing, & did the best she could. My dad sucks, & still sucks, I was better off without him.

  3. i grew up with a single dad who was also emotionally absent as well so it honestly was like growing up without any parents lol

  4. If you single you need times management family in work single mom like me is not easy but needed special bonding every weekend in for my big family.i cook breakfast go to church together back home i cook lunch & dinner for family…..

  5. I raised my 3 children with zero help from their dad or even any family members. I worked my butt off to provide and you know what ALL 3 of my kids, 2 boys and 1 daughter are all college graduates. One son is even a PhD so in our case being a single mom was beneficial.. My kids are happy and successful I couldn’t be more proud of them.

  6. Every single negative effect she listed I’ve been through and the solution doesn’t apply since I’ve had little opportunity’s to spend time with my grandparents on either side in fact mum (the one that raised me) her parents are both deceased and have been for a while so I’ve had a bad start

  7. I can't speak for girls but as far as boys go, boys NEED fathers, period. When a boy grows up being raised by a single mother the chances of the boy developing psychological issues are very high. I was raised by a mother and a step father and even that was a fucking disaster and has ruined my life in ways that I have never even thought that it would. Single mothers are the #1 biggest problem in United States in my opinion. Only a biological father is able to raise his son from a boy to a man and not only that but the biological father has to be at least somewhat a decent individual himself. Having a child should be a privilege not a right and the couple should have to meet financial requirements in order to have a baby in my opinion.

  8. My parents got divorced when I was 12 and my mother told us all the reasons of why he was a shitty father, later on I grew up and at 20 years old I finally got to have a relationship with him again it’s helped me out a lot in seeking closure on what really happened. Growing up I had a step father however it was hard to look up to him as one because he more less enabled us instead of actually pushing us to become our very best and provide that mentorship and discipline that I so desperately needed. My major negative effect now as an adult is learning all this shit on my own and have had a hard time amounting to anything worth while.

  9. my father passed when i was 7, its tough growing up without someone to inspire your mind. Big ups to my mom for making me more in tune with my heart though. I needed a nerf otherwise i would have been OP i guess

  10. I have a single perant my mom is single but i have. Dad and they broke up when i was 3 years old

  11. its really hurt when someone ask me where "… parents?" and all I answer is "my mum". i actually miss my dad so much. its been like almost 7 years since we never see each other again.

  12. im so sorry if none of this makes any sense at all-

    i mean i cant really say i grew up (or am growing up) with a single parent since we're living with grandparents. (my mom, my brother, and i). my dad got in a really bad car accident when i was only 6 months old and unfortunately he didnt make it. my brother was 4 at the time so i always asked him what he was like when he was alive. he told me only what he remembered. i always feel like im alone, because im the youngest in the house, and the only girl out of a long chain of boys in my family. i didnt really have anyone to talk to and to cry to, except my mom and maybe my grandma. and that has led to me throwing very bad temper tantrums. my anger is just something i want to go away and never come back. i asked my mom to talk to me about stuff. my mom was down to talk about anything and she helped tons. i dont really talk deeply with my grandma or anyone else.

    i would really like to type more but i cant even process anything right now, its 4am and my brain isnt working

    but id like to say that i use the internet to cope with my problems, sounds kinda dumb since the internet isnt the best place to go- but on youtube, i find so many amazing people. markiplier has helped me with so many things in the past few years and everything about his content makes me feel so happy

    thank you for reading this and if youre going through anything, please take some time and find something that makes you happy, no matter how strange or weird it might be, as long as youre happy and you feel good

  13. I remember when my father was making up his mind on divorce, I begged him to stay. Nevertheless, he still thought about himself only, and made my mom go insane. I've been traumatic since then

  14. When I think of the term, from a societal perspective these days, it is female related. Male individuals can also be single parents but society does not care, in fact anything good and positive that a male individual does to himself and to the greater good. I get it when one of two parents passes away, that is how I define it but not out of stupidity which seems a common trend. Taking responsibility for your actions is the way forward, becoming a better person, whatever mistakes/bad choices he/she makes in the past or recently. My father was alone for a period of time before he got re-married when my original mother passed away in 1999.

  15. My dad has taken a sledge hammer to my life several times. I was lined up with a beautiful 247 PSLE score in Singapore which is pretty much a free pass to some of the best schools and colleges, my dad moved me and my fam to the backwater that is Malaysia. I went thru a pretty bad phase and gained 20kgs and my grades crashed as my will to study disappeared. I wish I could say it's better now but instead of a future in genetics in Singapore, I am looking forward to MBBS in India.

  16. My parents both love me and my dad is the best dad ever people have stereotypes of single parent kids don’t make jokes or assume if you know nothing I live with my mum

  17. My mom wasn't always there for me throughout my childhood, because she was in the military.
    As a result, my grandmother and my great grandmother were the ones I spent the most time with in my childhood. I remember visiting my dad with my mom sometimes when I was younger. He seemed pretty distant then and he still seems distant now.
    I remember trying to get his attention by calling him dad but he just ignored me.
    I've been able to spend more time with my mom since my tween years, because she's retired from the army now.
    My relationship with her is ok but I don't feel comfortable enough to talk with her about my personal feelings.

  18. “Children with single parents benefit immensely from a strong relationship with their grandparents”
    🥺 I wonder what having grandparents is like

  19. Every time that I go out and I see a father holding his daughters hands makes me so sad and frustrated , my father never did that too me he wasn’t even in my life that is worse… he left my mom pregnant with me and went to other woman and dint give a shit about my mom and me , and then the thing is that he lies to me about the things he did! I just hate him so much but I want him back

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