【ENG SUB】Dreadful Circus:Infinite Loop KeepRunning Season 4 EP7:20200710 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

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【KeepRunning S4】 would be updated every Friday UTC/GMT+08:00 12:00
Li Chen/Angelababy/Zhen Kai/Sha Yi/Cai Xukun/Guo Qilin/Song YuQi/Huang Xuxi
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【ENG SUB】KeepRunning Season 4 EP7:20200710 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

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KeepRunning Season 4 is an outdoor sports reality show launched by Zhejian TV and aproduced by the program center of Zhejiang TV. #LiChen, #Angelababy, #ZhengKai, #ShaYi, #CaiXukun, #GuoQilin are the fixed members of this show during the season. #Lucas #HuangXuxi and #Yuqi #SongYuqi will join them later due to the pandemic.

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40 thoughts on “【ENG SUB】Dreadful Circus:Infinite Loop KeepRunning Season 4 EP7:20200710 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

  1. In my mind I think this ep is a bit boring because player do it already and repeat again and again .

    But I still ok I love keep running🏃 and I will see more ep because it make me happy every time I watch it.❤

  2. We have to admit that the song gives us the creeps. I almost drove me crazy because the song was really annoying and creepy. This was overall a pretty good video.

  3. I have been watching the recent eps on TV with barely understanding the convo (its fun to watch still) instead on waiting for the eng-sub in YouTube, I'm so traumatized over the eng-sub version of eps 6 where they just cut us off from knowing the full ending.. 😭

  4. This season is so boring. Please do a recast. The only new person beside the old cast adding value is the old uncle. The other 2 young boys has nothing to offer, sorry. They have no personality or really funny on their own to make good tv. If it's just about pretty face I am sure there are better choices, I mean luhan and lucas was funny. Wangjiaer as a guest was funny.

  5. This episode had a very interesting and exciting theme and the fact that it made us all feel tired and fatigued at the end is probably the intention of the team behind it to drive the point through. I would have however preferred it if the last 2 games were different. The guessing game and the flower/ball game were fun and they created a lot of funny moments for us. The falling ball game and the popping the balloon games were a little dull so seeing them get repeated made things a little boring. I have to say that the guests this episode, especially Xiaobao were great addition to the show. I now understand why cfans prefer seeing seniors (acting/comedians) invited on the show instead of idols. I also want to give a big shout-out to the stylists on the show for the amazing and creative outfits they gave the cast….especially Angelababy, Xukun and Wu Jinyan's outfits which looked like they popped out from high fashion magazines

  6. Not to mention that they're all exhausted after repeated the same thing over and over again even I'm just an audience I still find it tired to watch it again and again 🤦‍♀️ but thump up to them that they're always completed any mission without giving up👍

  7. Maybe it was in the script for them to go through all the challenges so many times, but if it were me, I would have accepted the offer to try the ball challenge again, and try it out till we figured out how to stop the ball successfully. Then only go back and go through all the challenges from the beginning!

  8. I see this first, made me mad. But after minutes and minutes, this ep made me feel grateful again watch this ep and really happy for keep running. Yeah, i can related to this ep again, like before. We always repeat and repeat. Sometimes its soo stress full, not make got result whatever we do. We always repeat and repeat. Its soo boring, you know. When other People can go wherever they wanna, can be play full and enjoy life. This is me, always repeat trying to know something i like and like. Its not even enjoyable. Sometimes i wanna cry and Stop too, but i cant. Because when i think i wanna do it, i Will just consistent with that. Its not even happy life. I even dont have social life. I rarely talk and laugh with people. Because i know if i am not serious about things i like it, then its nothing…. Thank you keep running, this ep really good. I start watch since ep 1 when kun there, i dont watch other season. Just this, but this reality really something. Its give people courage, warm feeling not just funny things… Thank you…

  9. Please to the group that’s putting out these videos: I appreciate you guys doing this but the quality is terrible compared to the original video. Why downgrade the video quality when you add English subs. Also the audio and video sync is terrible as well. If you want to attract more international audience please do this right. Previous seasons you didn’t have this problem because the subtitles was just added as a cc subs, this new season you embedded into it that made it worse. Please change it for the rest of the season!!!

  10. This show makes my day.(: This show teaches me so many lessons. They're like family friends and I really look up to that. I really wished I had a family friendship like them. They're all so talented.

  11. I still think repeating time is good, you know what… in reality if we do anything wrong, we don’t even have a chance to repeat it again… all we have is just regretting…..

  12. Thank you for the video but yes, the video have a problem : the subtitles and the audio are not sync 😂

  13. i really miss chen he, deng chao and zulan 😭 but its ok… as long as zhengkai and li chen is here… the new member also okay…

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